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Chemistry of First Person Shooter Games

Rate this Article In this genre of gaming, the thrill fixates on a single truth: Kill or be Killed. Why are we enticed to play this type of game? Let's figure out the chemistry behind the thrills we get from First Person Shooter Games. Tough Games - Chemistry of First Person Shooter Games

First Person Shooter games, are set to get you the thrill of “kill or be killed” over the given battle arena. Peer—based or quest instanced games designed to get your adrenaline flowing. From games that situate you over survival missions, those that sends you to remote parts of the worlds to desolate terrorists, and even the ones that sends you off to space to battle other intelligent life forms in space – keeping you in control of your actions, and then being able to outlast the conflict, thrusts you towards the need to keep winning the game and surpass the challenge.

Defeating other characters, especially those that are real players playing over peer based battles - gives a satisfying sense of accomplishment of knowing that you were able to beat another live player. The case is amplified upon beating someone off the scales, and reasonably far stronger than you are. This is possible as most FPS games rely on the actual skill of the player into controlling the game, rather than in-game upgrades and skill. This is true to all FPS games, which makes people playing them extra cautious all the time and very much thrilled into it.

In most FPS Games too, given battle fields offer little to no cover from attacking forces therein. Instead of strategizing on the defense, players are usually urged to seek grounds to cover more kills and outperform the counter offensives. The only possible safe place there is in the game is the spawn point and nothing more. The stage for battle may also feature several elements to give you temporary cover like boxes, trees, tanks, and different more stuff present in its environment.

Active reloading of ammunition also heightens the overall thrill you get, especially when pinched into a conflict. This gives the game a lot more realism into it, as well as straightening out players to properly dedicate specific weapons for different situations and encounters. The more extensive the game deals with different range of weapons, the more enjoyable the game becomes, and the more thrill you get out of it.

Another important consideration in any FPS game is how good it looks and how the game feels when played. Accustomed patrons of this genre can properly tell how good a game responds to given input controls by the player. These two criteria generally contributes to the overall “Feel” of the game – how elements therein reacts to given situation, how it animates the sequenced event, and what the game gives the player in order to respond.

Another fun aspect of most FPS games is the part when you get to build your very own team to play through the matches. Peer-based activities like this endows it participants a lot of entertainment, may it be from the high times and even low times of the game (for something to laugh at later on).
These few reasons gives us quite the love for the lot of first person shooter games. May it be the thrill of being able to snipe enemies from afar, -- to outperforming cluster of hostiles in a dogfight.

The unique sense of not knowing what to expect in the following few seconds in the game - drives patrons of the genre to play these games with the ultimate motive of winning of course. In our site, there are some really good games to be had, and of course be given a try once in a while. In every single case, you will be in for a great time playing.

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