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FPS Games: From the 90’s to Present

Rate this Article Do you like first-person shooter (FPS) games? If yes, you'd probably want to use a few minutes of your time reading through this short article -- to get you a tad bit more knowledge about these games that you love! Tough Games - FPS Games: From the 90’s to Present

First-person shooter (FPS) games are typically centered on having its players play out matches on a first person perspective, predominantly equipped with a gun or any projectile-based weapon. First-person shooter games shares common traits with other shooter games, which in turn all fall under the action genre.

Like most shooter games, first-person shooters games equip your character with one or more ranged weapons under the circumstance of being pitted over team battles, or a campaign against a varying number of enemies (say for instance zombies). Usually taking place in a 3D environment, these games tend to be somewhat realistic and really immersive. Better improvements on latter day games include accurate representations of gravity, lighting, sound, firearm recoils, character pacing, and collisions.

Most often controlled with a combination of a keyboard and mouse, the genre hit the limelight as it was introduced to the PC platform dating back to early 90’s game Wolfenstein 3D - which has been credited for creating the genre’s proper and basic archetype. But perhaps the most influential titles that made the genre popular to gamers were the games Doom, and Half-life. During the late 90’s - Half-Life's mod Counter-Strike was released, which is perhaps the most influential first-person shooter game that brought the genre on a grander scale.

FPS games focus on action gameplay, with usually fast-paced gun fights. In addition to shooting, melee combat may also be used extensively. FPS games typically give players the option of weapons and equipment to equip - which largely affects how the player will play the game. Most of which gets their details with real life firearm counterparts. These games not only render the exact form factor of their counterparts, they also pertain to simulate the same sound, same recoil, accuracy, ammunition limit, and in some games even their reliability issues while being used (like jamming).

Also in modern FPS games, designers often limits the total weight capacity allowed for every character to carry varied weapons and equipment at a time. Alternatively, they incorporate a drag factor (in terms of mobility) equivalent to the excess weight they carry while playing through the game. There are often options to trade up, upgrade or swap out in most FPS games too.

With today’s overwhelming list of First Person Shooter games to play and enjoy out there, we came across several titles to get you easy access to the similar frantic challenge – both of which are listed free to play, and are quite packaged small to put you in your scope’s aim in no time.
First we suggest Facebook’s gameCombat 3 . It packs in the staples of your typical FPS game with seemingly low system requirements. Game modes offered includes Death Match which has the player just kill everything in sight, and Team Death Match that racks you up in groups and instanced for a “death match” with a competing group. Despite being packaged lightly for easy browser access, it persists on endowing its players a pretty good variety of maps.

For a simpler game that does not gimp you to fight competitive battles with other people, we suggest you to engage in the life of a sniper by playing the Facebook-based game Stealth Sniper. This FPS game is a light, fast in fast out game that anyone can easily play with. The game being simple and having equally simple mechanics make this a rather competent addition to the lot of FPS games easily accessible through Facebook. The primary objective of the game is to eliminate the target located in each level. All of these targets will only reveal themselves once the all of the other enemies on the level have been eliminated.

With that, we hope we have given you some pointers to help you be a tad bit more knowledgeable about games we love and play (especially in FPS games with this one). So until then, fire in the hole!

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