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Games like Bingo Blitz

Rate this Article Bingo Blitz is a fun game to play with friends, but if you want something different, here are some of your best options: Tough Games - Games like Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is a great game to play with your friends! It's also a great game to play alone for those alone times. With all the free cards you can win, some of which you might even have a chance to make it big on, it's hard not to get addicted. The game is really very simple and takes little time out of your day.

There are so many games like Bingo Blitz out there that we had no way of choosing just one, so we picked the ones that were popular on iTunes or the ones that had good reviews on Google Play Store.

The rules are simple. Every player gets a dedicated card that represents their number from 1 to 30. This is where the fun begins. You have to shout out your number in some form of sound that's audible to the others at the table. When you yell, you can either choose a card from the discard pile, or else draw a card from it if there's one leftover. The first person to collect 15 numbers wins! Here are some of the games we found:

1. Zoom Bingo

This is similar to the classic Bingo game we're used to. Except that it's played via Zoom, the teleconferencing platform. You can play Zoom Bingo's version of the game online with your friends or family. It doesn't have any special features that make it different from the classic games. But it has a really cool set of features, including social integration and audio chat!

2. CardsChat

This is also a kind of Bingo game but with a twist: You can play against your friends on your mobile phone! This is among the recommended gaming apps to download for Android. You can either choose cards from a common deck or play against others locally on their phone. The game is simple and easy to play. The only problem is, it doesn't come with a friendly interface.

3. Bingo Deluxe

Bingo Deluxe is a simple but very fun game to play with your friends on mobile phones. You can create an account for free as long as you're 13 years old or older (That's what they say, We're pretty sure that anybody could do it though.) – then download the app and start playing with your friends online in no time at all!

5. Yahtzee!

This is a classic dice game that we all love to play. The game was originally invented by an American author, Edwin S. Lowe. It was first published in 1955 and it has been a hit ever since! There are many online versions out there to choose from, but we recommend Yahtzee Deluxe from the Google Play Store. You can play with your family around the world!

6. Chess

Chess comes in so many different versions. We've tried the free version of Chess on our computer and it's great to play! There's even an online version that allows you to play with others around the world. In chess, you take turns with your opponent to put in pieces like a rook, knight or even a bishop. The one who captures all the pieces of his opponent wins!

7. Minesweeper

I've never heard of this game until I saw it on Google Play Store. It was developed originally for Windows 3.1 by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson in 1990! The game is still popular today because it's easy and fun to play – especially when you're bored out of your mind! One person plays as the field commander who has to sweep the mines while the other has to think strategically about where to place them so as to win the game!

8. Scattergories

This game is about being creative, which is why it's so fun to play. There are a total of 99 categories, ranging from events to names. The first person has to think of an item in each category and the other players have to guess what they are thinking of. If they cannot figure it out within the time allocated for that round, they're out!

9. Words With Friends

This is a great word game where you play against your friends! It takes a lot of strategy to win this game, and you have to be quick while doing so! Your goal is simple: Get the highest score by making words from your letter tiles on your mobile device.

10. Happy Trails

This is a really simple game that you can play with your friends or family on your mobile phone. All you have to do is, pick a card and roll the dice. The person who gets the highest point wins! And there's even a downloadable version that you can play on multiple devices!

11. Triple Word Scramble

Triple Word Scramble is indeed a very popular game among gamers who enjoy playing word games with their friends online. This is traditional scrabble but with a digital feel. The game is played on computers so you won't have to worry about the size of the board or the pieces. Your task is to make words by connecting adjacent letters in order to earn points, and be the one with the most points when time runs out!

12. Battleship

This classic naval war game will always be a favorite among gamers who love strategy games and action games. You get to play against your friends while using an elegant virtual board that isn't limited by physical boundaries. The player who wins gets bragging rights!


This game dates back to the 1880s. The objective of this game is to make up or guess a word from what your partners are saying without saying a single word themselves! That sounds simple enough to do, right? You just have to make sure you know the rules – which are not that hard to learn at all!

14. Blackjack

This is a fun game where you get to bet against your friends on how long it will take for you to get 21 points in this card game! You can either play it online or offline. There's no limit on betting here because money doesn't play any part in this. The only thing that matters is your skill!

15. Operation Trivia

This is a fun trivia game with over 500,000 questions in the database. In the game, you have to choose the right answer to the questions asked and you get points that you can later trade with your friends. You can even play against people from all over the world!

16. Jenga

This is a game of strategy that will test your focus and determination while playing against your friends or family members. The player who is able to remove the most blocks without causing the tower to collapse wins! If you like this game, there are other similar games that you should try out such as Tower of Hanoi or Rush Hour.

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