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Interview with Dennis Bernardo, Producer of KartRider Rush+

Rate this Article Join us as we talk with Dennis Bernardo, the Producer of KartRider Rush+, about their game and what they have in store for the future! Tough Games - Interview with Dennis Bernardo, Producer of KartRider Rush+

We're honored to have a virtual sitdown with Dennis Bernardo, the Producer of KartRider Rush+, to talk about their newly-released and highly-popular kart-racing game,

1. What were the games or experiences that inspired KartRider Rush+?

We originally launched KartRider Rush+ in China, which provided us a ton of insight on the game and how we could build it up further for our Western release. With the release of Mario Kart World Tour, it proved that there was an appetite for kart racers on mobile cementing our plans to expand KartRider Rush+ to Western regions.

2. Your setting and characters have the potential to be staple figures, not just on the Kart racing genre, but also in the mobile gaming industry. Adding a story mode is a very nice touch as well. Are there any plans to release more story content in the future?

With KartRider Rush+, it’s the first time we’ve really been able to give players the opportunity to dive deeper into the KartRider universe through Story Mode. Everyone has a favorite racer and giving fans the chance to go on a real journey with these characters is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and this is just the beginning for KartRider Rush+. While we are initially focused on bringing more tracks, cars, and customizable options to the fans, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t potential for another story expansion in the pipeline for KartRider Rush+.

3. There are many problems plaguing the MMO space on mobile, including cheaters and the prevalent use of bots. How will the developers of KartRider Rush+ deal with this when the need arises?

As with any of our games, we do our best to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for each and every one of our racers. That means banning users who aim to compromise the experience for players. Our team is committed to keeping the KartRider Rush+ experience as pure as possible, so we’re actively monitoring the game and community feedback to see where we can improve the experience.

4. Does the game support cross-platform play, meaning that players on PC would be able to compete with players on Android devices, for instance? If so, how can the game ensure fairness between PC gamers and mobile gamers?

KartRider Rush+ is a mobile experience and there are currently no plans for cross-platform play.

Kart racing

5. The racing genre is an extremely crowded space. How do you aim to get KartRider Rush+ ahead of the pack?

KartRider Rush+ is focused on honoring the franchise first, but it’s also offering something unique for both our longtime fans and new players. Many of the updates we’ve made to the gameplay were at its core, which sought to make the KartRider IP more accessible, more fun and robust, while also striking the right balance between a casual experience and a competitive one.

What might surprise people is how large the KartRider franchise is outside of the Western market, which has been around for the last 15 years and has served an incredibly loyal following with loads of content, including tracks and characters. In expanding to the West, it was less about keeping us ahead of the curve and more about translating a hit IP into an enjoyable mobile experience in a widely untapped market.

6. The production value (animation, voice acting, visual elements) and design of the game’s assets (levels, characters) is astonishingly high for a mobile game. How did the developers manage this?

We have a strong team of developers who really care about the KartRider IP and that is heavily reflected in the finished product. It was of the utmost importance for the team to craft a game that elicits such a strong, positive reaction such as this. No detail was too small to our team and we really wanted the KartRider Rush+ debut to provide our players with a positive experience.

7. KartRider Rush+ is giving off the feeling that it can go beyond the mobile gaming space. Are there any plans to bring this game to other platforms?

As of now, we are planning to keep KartRider Rush+ a mobile gaming experience.

8. Finally, what will the future hold for KartRider Rush+? What’s the vision for this game moving forward?

We want to keep building the game and improving the experience for each and every player similar to MapleStory M, a game built on the foundation of the MapleStory IP, but has since offered an engrossing experience all its own. As players experience all that the game has to offer, soon they will realize that the 50 race tracks and 20 karts at launch are merely the beginning for KartRider Rush+!

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