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Shooting Games on WWGDB

Rate this Article There is a new website in town, and it has a huge range of games, including some of your favorite Shooters, so check out WWGDB today! Tough Games - Shooting Games on WWGDB

Whether you like to run and gun or you like to hop from cover to cover, Shooter games are excellent for you to train up your hand-eye coordination and despite what naysayers like to say, these games do not make a gamer violent (Lag does!). If you love shooter games as passionately as us, we are very sure that you’ll enjoy discovering new shooter games over at this amazing new game review website, Worldwide Games Database or WWGDB! Well, now, we will not recommend a site to you without any merit, so do hear us out!

WWGDB has a very huge vision that is to become a centralized database for the reviews for all games – notably, the great ones - that were ever developed! In other words, it will become some sort like an “IMDB” for games. The reviews on WWGDB are written as comprehensively as possible to reflect its role as a centralized database for games. They cover all the important sections in a game that you can think of, including the games’ summary, plotline, gameplay, community as well as graphics and sound. Not to mention, the reviews will also be accompanied by plenty of in-game screenshots and images to show you how the game look like! With so much information at hand, it is much easier for you to decide whether a game is worth your time going through all the trouble of downloading and getting it set up, or not!

The site also provides a plethora of articles covering a huge range of topics, both serious and lighthearted ones, on the gaming community or gaming in general. This includes in-depth and serious articles such as The eSports Phenomenon, whereby we introduced what is this thing called “eSports” and how it is changing the gaming world, and Females in Gaming, in which gender inequality issues in the gaming community and what gaming companies are doing to solve them. For some of the more cheerful stuff, you can definitely laugh your head off with this Ways Players React to Lag article or if you’re new to shooter games, you might want to check out our A Very General Guide to Gaming Terms to learn more about gaming terms that are prevalent in shooting games, such as “camper”, “AFK”, “quick-scope”, “Frag”, “Ghosting” and “GG”. You wouldn’t want to be that “noob” that doesn’t know what people are talking about now, do you?

Furthermore, in WWGDB, reader feedback is always encouraged! Thus, the website provides many ways for you to express your thoughts and experiences on a game review or an article. You can choose to either leave a rating for a review or an article (the quick method), or write your own reviews in the player review section. Don’t be shy and let the world know what you think! In addition, if you’re looking for something fun to pass the time instead, you can have a great time flipping through their many pages of game surveys, such as Your Favorite MMO Genre (we both know what you’ll vote for in this survey *wink*) or Your Favorite Tanks from World of Tanks, and vote for the options that you like!

We are sure your interest is piqued! So here are some of the best game reviews for your favorite shooter games, both MMOFPS and MMOTPS that you can check out at WWGDB - Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Phantoms, Soldier Front 2, Nosgoth, Survarium, F.E.A.R. Online and Zombies Monsters Robots. Do take a look and let the content writers at WWGDB know what you think! To check out the entire list of shooting games that they have reviewed, you can click on Shooting Games List to find out more!

Since it is a database of games, WWGDB will not contain reviews or articles on only shooting games, there are plenty more game types and genres that are covered on the site too! Some examples include racing games, simulation games, MOBA, MMORPGs, virtual worlds and many more! So, don’t wait – hop on over to WWGDB now and enjoy reading the many game reviews, articles as well as fun surveys now!

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