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Staples in FPS Games

Rate this Article First Person Shooter games, are set to get you the thrill of head-on gun fight matches. Handled within a given setting, these games usual situate you with survival missions while being thrown in enemy encounters to put up a fight with. In this short article, we’ll tackle the staples in FPS games. Tough Games - Staples in FPS Games

At any given FPS title, a strong “backing plot” to serve your purpose is probably the first staple that comes to mind when tackling first person shooter games - for a game would only make sense if it directs to you some sort of goal to motivate you playing it. Some games would situate you in a survival mission after being caught stranded in a dangerous island, some situate you in special ops missions. Whatever role you play in a game, it is just but important that it gets you motivated playing it altogether. With FPS game staples, the backing plot should be second to none.

Next we have the “armory / weapon variety” as the second staple of FPS games. What better way to showcase the fun you get when playing a game than offering a huge collection of weapons to put into play? Often times, FPS games lets you start with basic gears to get you surviving the training sessions or initial levels of the game, this is then followed by the option to purchase better gears to put a fight with. Usually, this range of weapons and other gears to use in a game also dictate your level in the game. The better equipments you have at your disposal, the farther you’ve reached in the game.

Another staple in FPS games are the “enemy waves”. Enemy waves or encounters make or break a good FPS game. Most are instanced with other players to play with should offer no problems (at least not on their side), but some FPS games are instanced with AI units to play with. It boils down whether these AI units throw in a great response as you play with them, otherwise – it will be like shooting randomly moving objects in the screen. Enemy waves are important for they share the very challenge of the game – which then makes them a staple among our list.

One more significant staple in the lot of FPS games is the “given maps / location”. Yes, the environment play a heavy role in producing an immersive experience in any FPS game. It pertains to provide you with the vibe of the given stage from where you play your role with. In death match FPS games, they play a huge part in giving covers, leverage for snipers, and the lot of running field for frantic situations. With mission oriented FPS games, their relatively impart the mood of the given setting; say for example, a deserted island with zombies for its occupants. The thing is, maps and locations are just as important to any FPS game.

Finally, we have the “knife weapon” for the avid patrons of the genre. Especially those inclined with death match types of FPS games, killing with a knife weapon separate good players from the pros – which makes it a staple among FPS games. As it is seen with several games, the choice to equip yourself with nothing but a knife – ultimately displays the skill of any player. It provides a deeper sense of exhilaration to the player to boot – while at it, or even after successfully pulling off the stunt.

Playing through countless number of FPS games in the past, we came across hundreds of interesting titles to play with. Hence, we have drafted these key aspects that we call ”staples” - that makes up a great game out of them.

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