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The Best Card Games on PC

Rate this Article There are many card games you can play on PC, but if you want to play the best, let's narrow it down to the following: Tough Games - The Best Card Games on PC

Despite their original version, card games have moved to a new level in this quality gaming experience. Some developers focus on the gameplay aspect, adding new features and mechanics. The other part does not radically change the card component of the game, trying to keep the original version.

The best card games offer players a rich and ever-changing meta, potentially limitless replayability, and accessibility—so it's not hard to see why card games have been in high demand in recent years. And which are the best you will find out in this article.


Oddly enough, poker is still one of the most popular card games in the world, including the PC version. On the one hand, this is a simple game without particular graphical parameters, an overabundance of effects, and game mechanics. It’s different from online slots where you can find the standard of old-school gaming, which moved from real life to virtual, allowing players to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

Even those who have never played poker have heard about it more than once and have seen it in movies or TV series. As a result, PC poker is available in a much more accessible form without needing gaming headphones, monitors, keyboards, and chairs. This game values the ability to keep emotions to yourself and cold blood in combination with experience.



Let's move on to more modern analogs of PC card games. The first thing that comes to mind for most gamers who hear the term collectible card game (CCG) is the legendary game from Blizzard.
The game is not as popular as before since it has changed dramatically in the 9 years since its release. Perhaps the project would have been much more stable if Blizzard had focused on one game, Hearthstone. But as is customary at Blizzard, with each new update, be it Diablo 4 or Warcraft, everything may not always change for the better.

Despite this, Hearthstone remains one of the best PC card games, which still has an e-sports scene, a variety of card decks, gameplay mechanics (solo mode, duel, twist), and some in-game purchases.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game


Gwent is a unique card game from the main Witcher Geralt series from CD Projekt Red. Initially, Gwent was just a mini-game that gamers could (or not) enjoy while playing through the story of The Witcher 3. As a result, 3 years after the release of the Witcher game, the studio announced Gwent. The game performed very well among fans of the CCG genre and was a significant competitor to Hearthstone.

Like Hearthstone, Gwent is connected to the main game, where it received most of its content, ideas for cards, mechanics, characters, etc. At the moment, the game requires serious updates in balance and decks, but still, the atmosphere of The Witcher and the dark fantasy universe is perfectly conveyed in a seemingly simple PC card game.

Slay the Spire

Card games can be played in single-player mode. Slay the Spire is direct proof of this. The previous two games were online and required (though not necessarily) some in-game purchases to build a deck and beat the top players. Experience and knowledge of the game are good, but winning in CCGs is quite tricky with basic decks. In Slay the Spire, the player must also build a deck exclusively through gameplay. Battles occur in turn-based 2D duels, somewhat reminiscent of typical JRPG fights, only with maps.

For each victory, players can add a new card to their deck, and with each defeated opponent, the deck is replenished with new abilities, attacks, and variations of fights.

Slay the Spire never bothers you. It doesn't force you to study many tabletop rules and features of a deck, like in Gwent, where cards can have up to 2-3 passive skills and conditions for activating abilities.

There are no microtransactions or boosters in the game to make the gameplay easier and reach the final round. It all depends on the players and their decisions.

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is the first of its kind and the most popular CCG globally, already over 30 years old. You are a great magician who fights for glory and victory, and as a weapon, you have your deck of cards. You are in the Multiverse, consisting of different worlds. This game is played on a PC and in real life, but the rules, maps, and mechanics do not change and remain in their original form.

As a result, Magic: The Gathering is one of the best card games on PC, although it is quite difficult to master because, in addition to the fact that players need to make a deck of 100 cards (30 in Hearthstone, 25-40 in Gwent), you need to learn your cards, cards of opponents and their features. It's difficult but still beautiful.

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