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The Best PC Roleplaying Games to Feature a Casino

Rate this Article There are several RPGs that deliver not only a sprawling world but also a casino where players can play games like poker and blackjack. Let's take a look some of the best examples. Tough Games - The Best PC Roleplaying Games to Feature a Casino

As their name suggests, RPGs are all about carrying out roles within a game to complete a task. They might not be anything new, but like lots of gaming types, they have certainly come on leaps and bounds over recent years in terms of technology and what they now offer players. The idea behind these games is that you are a fictional player, and you have a role to carry out, often interacting with other players along the way. You have tasks that you need to carry out in order to complete certain levels of the game and unlock other features within the game. Technology now allows players to enjoy these games with others, with the possibility of playing against other players from anywhere in the world. In fact, many really popular RPGs have a real sense of community behind them, and it is this that is sometimes what draws people into enjoying the game the most.

Man playing RPGs

One of the things that have made recent RPGs so popular is the option to enjoy mini-games within the game. Some of the best PC RPG games to feature mini-games with a casino theme are:

Red Dead Redemption

Playing poker in RDR2

One thing that makes Red Dead Redemption so popular is the range of tasks and role-playing features it includes. Gambling wise it has a really cool poker feature where you can enjoy a range of games, including Dead or Alive and The Great Train Heist. In fact, the mini-games themselves have gained quite a following, with people wanting to try out Red Dead Redemption just to try these games. That is one of the great things about RPGs, and you get to try out other games and learn things like how to really play dice.

Grand Theft Auto

You can’t write about casino games within RPGs without a mention of Grand Theft Auto. The franchise itself is massive, but the Diamond Casino and Resort within this is just as popular. When it appeared in Grand Theft Auto V, it was an immediate hit, and people soon took to visiting the virtual luxury resort to take play in virtual horse racing and other betting games.

Fallout: New Vegas

New Fallout Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is an RPG that really packs a punch. You’re fighting a war within the game, where the consequences are likely to affect the residents of New Vegas. As you might imagine, with a name like New Vegas, there is a definite nod to betting – with the opportunity to visit the New Vegas casino within the game. There are different casinos within this, and of course, as you may expect, different games on offer. It even has a dice game as a nod to the more traditional games that some people may enjoy – but plenty of casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette too.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is possibly slightly less heard of than some of the games on the list, but that doesn’t mean that it disappoints at all. The casino within this game offers a range of dice games, all based on ancient gambling practices from Egypt, which gives it an interesting twist compared to some of the other casino games on the list.

However, don’t let that put you off; the mini-games are really simple to follow, and anyone can pick up the rules, even if you haven’t played before.

The Future of roleplayinging Games

As you may expect with any technology-based hobby, there are likely to be some changes within roleplaying games in the future. The use of microtransactions is certainly increasing in popularity, with plenty of people taking part in mini-games within games using real cash to fund them. As yet, there are no real regulations surrounding this, so one change we may well see in the future is some legislation around microtransactions and what is allowed in games, especially those designed for all ages. roleplaying games are often trend-driven, so as the needs and wants of players changes, so will what the games offer – so what the future of roleplaying games really looks like remains to be seen.

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