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The World of Fishing Simulators

Rate this Article What can you expect when you decide to play a fishing simulator? Tough Games - The World of Fishing Simulators

There’s a plethora of games that you can play in the online world, and one of these is the fishing simulator.

That’s right! There are now games that allow you to become an angler, even without leaving the comfort of your own home. These games are amazing, with the scope that they give players. If you’re not aware yet of what these fishing simulators can offer you, then read on and find out!

One thing you can expect when playing fishing simulators is the authenticity and realism of the experience. Of course, there’s no substitute to the real thing but these games try their best to imitate the real experience as much as possible. Caught your first fish? Be ready to fight for that, as the AI is programmed to resist as much as it could, like any fish would. Fight it too much, and your line will snap. Fight it too less, and the fish will slip away especially the big ones.

In other words, you’ll know what it’s really like to catch game fish when you play these simulators.

Another thing to look forward to – there are a lot of fish for you to try and catch. There are a lot of species that you can try catching, especially when you play games like Fishing World on Facebook. The best thing is, each species of fish come in all weights and sizes so there are plenty of challenges for you when you play the game. In one setting, for instance, you can catch up to 12 species of fish!

These games are also highly educational. Fishing World, for instance keeps a record of not only the kind of fish that you have caught so far, but also the bait in which you’ve used to catch it. Thus, you’re able to keep track of which baits attract which fish, and what size of the fish you can catch using a specific bait. Perhaps the developers might have taken a few creative liberties, but it’s as close to the real thing as you can get.

You also get to understand the importance of choosing the right rod when you’re aiming to catch a certain species of fish with an eye for its weight. Rods have weight ratings, or a measure of what weight of fish they can reel in without damaging the rod or line.

This is very valuable information that you can take with you when you ultimately decide to become an angler…. For real. This way, you can avoid wasting money buying rods that are actually not suited for your purpose or for your goals.

Last but not the least, you can expect excellent landscapes and picturesque scenery while fishing. The scenery will help you relax, and you need to be very relaxed so you won’t be startled when the prey has finally bit the bait. Time for you then to reel that big boy in!

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at fishing, why not play these fishing simulators first? You can many of these games on Facebook, and on Steam. Happy fishing folks!

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