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Friday, September 23, 2016 World of Tanks Review

Commemorating the Deployment of the World's Very First Tank in World of Tanks

To commemorate the deployment of the world's very first tank, the Mark I, during World War I, Wargaming has some incredible events for you to enjoy in-game and in real life! One hundred years ago on September 15, 1916, the Mark I rolled into the Battle of the Somme, ushering in the dawn of a new era in mechanized warfare.

Wargaming is proud to celebrate 100 Years of Tanks with a host of online and offline events in remembrance of the Mark I. To "mark" the occasion, Wargaming partnered with the Tank Museum in Bovington, England, for a unique event in Trafalgar Square in London on the 100th anniversary.

We continue the fun of 100 Years of Tanks in-game, too! Don't miss a taste of WWI combat in the new "Convoy" mode, available for a limited time in World of Tanks!