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Superhero Seznam Her

Games where you can play a Superhero, either from the world of comics and films or one where you can create your own special characters. Chronicles of Nerdia

Chronicles of Nerdia

CrimeSuperheroGuildsModern SettingPlayer vs Player (PvP) 10 Hodnotit Take up the mantle of a self-made superhero and fight against crime and injustice in the neighborhood of Nerdia!

Train your hero, improve his/her stats, and equip the best gear items you can afford

Test your skills by dueling other heroes, rise up the leaderboard and make a name for yourself
Avengers Age of Ultron: Global Chaos

Avengers: Global Chaos

Superhero - Hodnotit Help the mighty avengers as they try to protect the world from the harm that evil forces are trying to inflict upon it.

Retrieve intelligence files from deep within enemy territories in fast paced and high intensity missions.

Swap characters on the fly as you try to adapt to certain situations.
Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us

SuperheroPlayer vs Player (PvP) - Hodnotit Build a roster of your favorite DC superheroes and battle opponents in fast-paced 3v3 battles.

Use iconic comic book characters like Aquaman, the Green Lantern, Bane, Green Arrow, Batman, and Superman.

Increase your powers, upgrade your characters, and build your skillset to form the best hero team there is.
League of Avengers: Champion Legend

League of Avengers: Champion Legend

SuperheroDungeon/ InstanceParty-BasedPlayer vs Player (PvP) - Hodnotit The final battle to end the long-standing war between two worlds is upon us.

Form a team with superhero characters from various multi-verses.

Improve your team, upgrade their skills, and unlock their true potential.