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4 Reasons to Play

Diesen Artickel einschätzen is easily one of the best mahjong games to surface in recent times and, in this article, we’ll be talking about why you simply must give it a shot. Mann Spiele - 4 Reasons to Play

While there are certainly many different kinds of mahjong games available for players to try out, seems to be head and shoulders above its competition for a variety of different reasons. Alongside executing the fundamentals of mahjong with perfection, it has quite a lot of other features to offer on top so you’re going to have a delightful experience every time you play it.

The following reasons are why is worth anyone’s while.

1: Incredible amount of customization options.

Customization options have always been a thing in mahjong games but seems to take everything to a whole new level. There are tons upon tons of different ways through which you can fine-tune the look of the game according to your likings and preferences. You’ll be able to change the background artwork, the designs on the tiles and you’ll even be able to choose from different kinds of camera settings to see which one works best for you.

2: Test and improve your cognitive abilities.

Mahjong games are renowned for their ability to give the cognitive skills of players a thorough workout and is no different. The game tests how quickly players can locate identical tiles in a given layout and then solve them. Constantly playing this game is sure to aid your problem solving abilities by quite a bit since you’ll become much better at spotting what you need to in order to fix any issue.

3: Multitudes of layouts to choose from.

The amount of available layouts to play in a mahjong game is generally used as a measure for how good that particular game is and, fortunately, it seems that is nothing short of extraordinary. The amount of playable tile layouts in the game is quite extraordinary and you’ll be able to play layouts that have been inspired by multiple kinds of designs such as zodiacs, historical monuments and even different kinds of games.

4: Always have undo and hint buttons at your disposal.

One thing that we don’t necessarily like about a lot of traditional mahjong games nowadays is the fact that the severely limit the amount of times players can use undo or hint buttons in a single level. Due to this, players often have to restart the entire level of they ever end up getting stuck and can’t seem to progress further but, fortunately, that isn’t the case with since it doesn’t restrict the amount of times you can use these buttons thereby making sure that you’ll never come to a dead end while playing the game.

All said and done, the aforementioned reasons are why we think is a game that’s more than worth giving a shot to if you’re interested in mahjong games.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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