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6 Retro Arcade Fighting Games Everyone Needs to Play

Diesen Artickel einschätzen It would be challenging to imagine video games without fighting games, as they seem to have been around from the start. Let's take a look at six of these arcade fighting games which have made their mark throughout gaming history.

Mann Spiele - 6 Retro Arcade Fighting Games Everyone Needs to Play

One of the most popular and immersive game genres is the fighting arcade game. This usually consists of two or a team of fighters opposing each other within a combat area, which can also be considered an arena. At times, the line between fighting and combat arcade games is relatively thin and confusing, so to simplify things, if there's something that represents a ring and two opposing forces contesting for dominance in that ring, then it's a fighting game.

The beginning of this kind of video gaming style traces way back to around 1976 when the game company SEGA released the first arcade boxing game. Appearing foremost in console coin-op cabinet form in arcade centers around the world, "Heavyweight Champ" is considered the first hand-to-hand, ring-based fighting game. As for the game, there's not much to expect from it, as the graphics were quite basic, and the game controls clunky. Whatever way one looks at it, the game started the arcade fighting game genre.

SEGA HeavyWeight Champ 1976

Arcade fighting games have evolved through the years as the limitations to digital computing capabilities are being overcome through technological progress. These days, many of the games are not intended for the arcade centers anymore but rather for home consoles and personal computers. The early digital fighting games that started to come out around the 1980s and 90s, which were fantastic at the time, have become quite retro by today's gaming standards.

However, let us remind ourselves that these classic games have usually been the games that started successful and popular game franchises that continue to compete with each other to the current date. So, for those who are interested in finding out where the most up-to-date fighting game versions originated from, trying out their original and retro counterparts will give one an insight into the gameplay and humble beginnings of the game. Here are six of the best retro fighting games that gamers need to know about and, hopefully, still get to play.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter 1

Capcom first released the game in 1987. While there are many other fighting games, Street Fighter was practically the game that started the Fighting Game craze. While the game began gaining popularity with Street Fighter 2, the first game is a gem worth playing. While it may not have the aesthetics and looks of succeeding Street Fighter games, the first game cemented the theme and combat play style, making the series one of the best and unbeatable fighting games today. What's more, it introduced the step-by-step martial arts challenge form of Combat and the entry of Ryu as the game's foremost character.

Mortal Combat

Mortal Combat Fight

Mortal Combat was one of the first Martial Arts challenge games that made a big bang in the gaming industry. Released way back in 1992 by Midway and Acclaim Entertainment, the game was unique in two significant aspects. First, it was graphically violent, with blood splattering all over the screen every time a character got whacked. Second, it used digitized representations of real actors who played the different characters. Combined with the digital background, it created a cyber-realistic effect as far as computer technology could manage at the time. However, the flow and onscreen movement were a little bit jerky as they suffered from the limitations of the day. Regardless, Mortal Combat became one of the original fighting game franchises which survived through the years.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

Marvel VS Capcom

Developed by Capcom and published by Virgin Interactive in 1998, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super-Heroes is the third installment in the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game franchise. However, it is probably the most complete as it features both Marvel and Capcom as a whole, not just the X-Men vs. the Street Fighter gang or a specific group against another, but the whole shebang, from Ryu to Capt. America and all the characters in between. Besides, almost everyone would love to play their favorite comic character in a combat challenge game, and this is it! Since then, other Marvel vs. Capcom games have come out, and, judging by the franchise's popularity, there are more games to come.

Gundam Battle Assault

Gundam Battle Assault

Back in the '90s, the Mobile Suit ruled when it came to Japanese anime. Gundam was the name of the show, and robot warfare was the name of the game. The Gundam anime series franchise (though starting back in the late '70s) was so popular that it spread to toys, collector items, and video games. Released in 2000 by Natsume and Bandai Namco, the game pits the various Gundam and enemy mobile suits (and their pilots) against each other in the tradition of the franchise storyline. If you love robots and Japanime, Gundam Battle Assault is an awesome game to play.

Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive Babes

First released in 1996 by Team Ninja and Tecmo, Dead or Alive was another Fighting game that made a big kaboom when it first came out. The 3D graphics were fantastic, and the game's fighting babes became the talk of the town. Despite the limitations of the pictures at the time, the girls of Dead or alive were downright gorgeous! As a fighting game, Dead or Alive was able to deliver, but let's all be honest, those jiggle physics kept the gamers coming back for more, more, and a way more.


Soul Calibur Valkyre Wins

The game was first released in 1995 as Soul Edge/Blade by Bandai Namco. This is a weapon-based 3D fighting game where the characters go against each other using their specialized weapons and fighting styles. This is a game where one can have a Samurai, a Knight, a Valkyre, and a bunch of other fighters (both good and bad) compete in an arena where the best man (or woman) is left standing. In 1998, Soul Calibur was released, which was a follow-up to the original game. This was when the franchise gained worldwide popularity and became one of the best Japanese video games to ever be released. To date, SoulCalibur remains one of the classic games that has brought its franchise all the way to the current date.

There are many other awesome retro fighting games should one be compelled to dig around the past, and many of them are actual gems in terms of gameplay, old-time graphics, sounds, and storylines. Even from the past, these games can and will immerse you in the gaming experiences they present, just as they had with the gamers of their time.

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