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Building Blocks Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Today we will take a look at this interesting niche of games, those that allow you to create your own worlds out of blocks. Mann Spiele - Building Blocks Games

Building block games are becoming ever more popular, the ability to express yourself by creating anything you want is both inspiring and amazing at the same time. But it is more than that, there are so many different things you can do inside of these games.

We will go into further detail with 3 games later on, Roblox, Minecraft and Kogama. But for now we will focus on the basics. These games often have 2 separate parts, exploring and creating. The graphics may look basic, but you can create almost anything.

From building an entire world to explore, or just creating a simple little game for your friends to play. The basic concept is the same across the board, you create a character or avatar, that you then can use to explore what others create, and make your own spaces too.

There will be tools in place to help you make what you need, often with some free, some for an in game currency and space to completely design your own things. Once you have completed your designs you can then open them for others to play in.

While you may think that there is not much you can do, there are some beautiful examples of what can be created, even going as far as recreating an entire city, or landscape. As well as the locations you can create weapons and monsters to fight too.

So now we have the basics covered, let’s move on to some examples. Each of these amazing games has something unique to offer, but at the same time follows the principles outlined above.

Beginning with Roblox you are taken to an exciting place where you can develop your own worlds. With its own unique graphics engine and design system you can be creative with complete control. Build your own virtual world and create almost anything you want where the only limit is your creativity.

Although this game is aimed more at a younger generation there are some very imaginative worlds that you can take part in. There are lots of design features available for you to use, and there is a large dedicated following all creating amazing spaces.

Minecraft Takes you to a world full of potential, with an almost limitless horizon full of materials fo ryou to collect and shape. You mine, find and collect the items that you need in the world around you, and then use them to make whatever you want.

At the same time you are fighting off hordes of zombies and monsters. The mix of creation and strategy game has made this incredibly popular across the world and allowed for some amazing images of both real and imagined places.

In Kogama you have the option to create one or more projects, each one is a game that you and otehrs can play in. You are then able to put the game up to be played by other members. These games vary from racing, platform all the way up to first person shooter’s.

The creation tools allow you almost unlimited freedom to make your own avatars,objects and games. You can choose to just play games or you can use the building options to make anything that your imagination can create.

While there are many more building block games around, we feel that these 3 are the biggest, and best around for you to try. Even if you never build in the world, just visiting the games and places can be fun. Or you can run around and play some of the most creative action mini games you will ever find.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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