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How to Fish the Right Way

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Here are some tips to start you on your way to being a successful game fisher online. Mann Spiele - How to Fish the Right Way

Fishing, no doubt, is an art.

It’s an art because it takes time, and it takes a lot of training before you master the basics. Fortunately, the basics are just what you need – in addition to a good rod, and a wiggly set of bait, of course.

You’re lucky because, nowadays, there are fishing simulators like Fishing World that lets you try out what it’s like to fish before you go into a real fishing expedition on a lake near you. The best thing about this is that these fishing simulators are as close as to the real thing as technology can permit!

Well, before you go on your first fishing game, here are some of the things that you should bear in mind when going fishing on the Internet.

First, you should look at the rating of your fishing rod. Some games actually specify what weight rating a rod holds – the rating determines the range of weight that the rod can withstand. The higher a rod’s weight rating is, the larger the fish that you can catch with it because it can hold heavier weights without breaking. If you find that fishes are kind of big in a certain fishing spot, you’ll want to use your in-game cash reserves to purchase a new rod that can hold higher weight.

Interestingly, in Fishing World, rods that are rated for heavy duty cannot catch smaller fish so keep that in mind as well.

Some bait types are also meant for catching specific sizes of fish! For instance, using a Dragonfly as bait can catch only a specific weight of a certain kind of fish – you’ll have to use different baits in order to catch the bigger specimen. This means that you’ll have to exercise some creativity in using different baits in order to find out which type of bait catches the larger fish. Some games enforce goals so you’ll have to think about that seriously as well if you want to accomplish as many goals as you can in a game.

Goals do have rewards so you’ll definitely want to keep them in mind.

Different sizes of fish fight differently. When you catch your first fish, the one difficulty you’ll encounter is keeping the fish from escaping, either by avoiding too much tension on the rod or too less. Certain fishes give up right away so you can reel them in with minimal effort; bigger fishes fight more than the smaller ones, so you’ll have to be an expert at applying the right amount of tension to the rod to keep the fish from slipping away.

To do that, you’ll have to keep an eye on the tension bar – too much means you’ll have to slacken by reeling the fish in slower; when the fish relaxes and the rod relaxes as well, you’ll have to reel it in faster to keep the tension from going too low or the fish you’re trying to catch will escape.

Finally, keep an eye out for ripples! Ripples mean movement by a fish’s tail, so you’ll want to cast there or at least near where the ripple appeared. This can help you catch fish faster. You’ll be surprised at the kind of fish you’ll catch using that method as well.

It takes some time before you master the art of fishing, particularly the part where you’ll have to fight with the fish without breaking the rod or snapping the line. With time and practice, however, you’ll find yourself catching bigger fish without any difficulty at all!

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