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Light FPS Games to Enjoy

Diesen Artickel einschätzen With today’s overwhelming list of First Person Shooter games to play and enjoy out there, we came across several titles to get you easy access to the similar frantic challenge – all of which are listed free to play, and are quite light to put you in scope’s aim in no time. Mann Spiele - Light FPS Games to Enjoy

To start our list of Light FPS games, we give you Combat 3 . Ported over Facebook, it pack in the staples of your typical FPS game with a relatively ease of access to the game (via browser) and seemingly low system requirements (equally grants access to more people). Game modes offered includes Death Match which has the player just kill everything in sight, and Team Death Match that racks you up in groups and instanced for a “death match” with a competing group.

The game despite being light, pertains to endow its players a pretty good number of maps. From the usual maps like a courtyards that are used a lot in other first person shooters. To interesting ones like the half football stadium that gives very few hiding spots mostly used for rapid killing action. These are just but a few from its collection of maps and more could be expected as time goes by.

And then we also include Ghost Team Shooter in the list, to have you enjoy two of the most immersive types of games that has made you tough in the battlefield – strategy, and FPS games. A first person shooter game combined with the heart pumping thrills of strategizing your encounter with waves of incoming hostiles aiming at you. In the game, the player is simply task to survive the flanks of enemy units as they attack in surging waves, and the ultimate goal of outlasting their numbers.

The game throws you right into the action. Take a browse over the available weapons to choose from, or reel in more choices of goods and the lot of other useful equipments to put into play and engage the battlefield with. In the game, you are rewarded with corresponding credits as you clear the missions, and use them in order to purchase better gears for the concluding missions in the game.

Players may engage in the life of a sniper by playing the Facebook-based game entitled Stealth Sniper, which was developed by Minitop Games. This FPS game is a light, fast in fast out game that anyone can easily play with. The game being simple and having equally simple mechanics make this a rather competent addition to the lot of FPS games easily accessible through Facebook. The primary objective of the game is to eliminate the target located in each level. All of these targets will only reveal themselves once the all of the other enemies on the level have been eliminated.

Last on the list is Day X. Another light FPS game that sets you into the desolated ruins of the future world – when a technological breakdown causes the infestation of cities from monstrous creatures and zombies that in return, tore apart the chain of society. As the setting of the game suggests, every man aims to survive for himself – making even each and every player greedy for supplies - ripping-off stuff from each other.

In this frantic FPS crossed management game, you are tasked to attack lurking zombies or monsters within your path, and outlast the barrage of other attacking parties aiming for your supplies, up until you reach for your destination in the game. From thereon, you’ll scour for better gears to get you progressing in the game, and have your character steadily earn better chances to survive the world.

These titles are just but a few from the lot of First Person Shooter games to enjoy today. They have been selected to join this list for they are all easily accessible via Facebook, with minimal system requirements to have you enjoy them anytime, and anywhere. Rest assured, they still pack similar exhilarating challenges to keep you at the edge your seats playing and all fired up.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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