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Runes: How You Can Earn Soul Gems More Quickly on Gamehag

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Want to get more soul gems for everything you do on Gamehag? Well, this is where Runes come in! Mann Spiele - Runes: How You Can Earn Soul Gems More Quickly on Gamehag

Earning soul gems isn’t exactly a difficult task on Gamehag, but if you’re aiming to maximize the number of gems you can get for every action you perform or task you complete, then you’ve come to the right article!

Here, we’ll introduce all 8 types of runes available on Gamehag and let you know how you can use each and every one of them to maximize the soul gems you earn. It takes a bit of strategizing and a bit more effort since timing and perseverance are both of the essence, but if it can get you more gems more quickly, why not?

What are Runes and How to Get Them?

You can think of them as boosts or power-ups that can help you bolster up the rate of Soul Gems (SGs) you earn. There are 8 types in total (two of them are defunct though), with each of them covering a specific type of action you can do on the site, whether it is simply by logging in daily or completing offers.

How can you get Runes? Well, previously, you were able to buy them directly from the on-site store, but now, you can only get more Runes through chests. Most chests contain some Runes but there are also chests where they contain only games, so be sure to take note of the rewards you can possibly get before buying and opening a chest.

Also, do take note that you can only use SGs to buy chests but if you’re willing to spend real cash instead, then know that you can buy more SGs but you can’t buy chests directly using real money.

How to get Runes on Gamehag?

Ansus Rune
If you’re a pretty proficient writer and actually enjoys writing about games in your free time, then this Rune should be your best friend on Gamehag!

Known as the rune of art and knowledge, the Ansus Rune is purple in color and has a symbol that looks like an inverted “F”. By activating it, you’ll get 50% more SGs for writing articles and this effect lasts for an entire week.

However, you should take note that you won’t get the extra SGs if your Rune duration runs out before your article is approved. Due to this, in order to maximize the use of this Rune, it’s best to have a ton of relevant articles prepared beforehand. Once you activate the Rune, you can then submit the articles you did for approval. As per the rules, it’s important to make sure that your articles are all of the highest quality and that you didn’t plagiarize anything.

Hagl Rune
Did you know that you can play the various mini-games on Gamehag and earn some SGs too? Well, if you do, know that you can increase the number of gems you get with the Hagl Rune.

Featuring a symbol that looks a lot like the alphabet “N”, this rune has a light pink color and is able to grant you 100% more soul gems while playing any of the mini-games on the site. This basically means that you’ll get 2x the number of gems you’d usually get. This rune’s effect lasts for 24 hours only though, so if you do plan on using the Rune, make sure to clear away any plans for the day and prepare some snacks because you’re going to play quite a lot of mini-games.

Ansus Rune

Mannaz Rune
Perhaps the easiest, no-brainer Rune that you should definitely use on Gamehag is the yellow-colored Rune with a symbol on it that looks like a gateway or an arch, called the Mannaz Rune.

Why? Well, as long as you log into Gamehag consistently, meaning at least once every day, you can get a nice bonus of 40% more Soul Gems on top of the usual free SGs per daily login, so instead of getting 5 SGs per login, you’ll get 7. The Rune lasts for an entire week so this means that you can accumulate up to 49 SGs without doing anything more than just logging in. You’ll also get a free chest by the end of the week.

But of course, if logging in consistently for at least a week isn’t possible for you, then it might be wise to keep the Rune for later.

Mannaz Rune

Tiwaz Rune
Known as the Rune of Courage, Tiwaz Rune is an indigo-colored Rune with an arrow pointing upwards etched to it. The Rune lasts for only 24 hours and will grant you a nice 25% boost to the Soul Gems you earn from the Walls of Offers.

This Rune is incredibly useful if you’re a frequent visitor to the Walls of Offers and are an avid gamer mainly because the Tiwaz Rune doesn’t affect surveys (in other words, you won’t get the extra 25% SGs if you do surveys) but it does affect games and other apps. Since most of the offers on the Walls are mobile offers, it is also crucial to get the Gamehag app if you do want to use this Rune to its full potential.

Algiz Rune
Featuring a sky-blue color and a symbol that looks a bit like a trident, the Algiz will give you a nice 20% bonus SGs for every Daily Mission you complete. The Rune will also last for an entire week.

Now, the problem about this Rune is that Gamehag doesn’t expressively show you where the Daily Missions are, if there are any. The closest “daily missions”-related feature that we can find on the site is the “Deals for You” section since the special tasks there seem to require you to complete them within the day.

If we’re not mistaken, you can no longer get an Algiz Rune either if you’re new to the site. However, no worries, you won’t be missing out much since this Rune doesn’t seem to do much anyway.

Tiwaz Rune

Fehu Rune
This turquoise-colored Rune that symbolizes wealth and prosperity is every gamer’s best friend on Gamehag, mainly because it allows you to get a nice 10% extra Soul Gems for every in-game task you complete. The Rune lasts for only 24 hours though, so you might want to clear your schedule for the day and get your gaming mood on just so you can milk the Rune for all it’s worth!

Raido Rune
Similar to the Algiz, you cannot get the blue Rune on Gamehag anymore, but for those who already have the Rune in their inventory, it is supposed to increase your experience gain on Gamehag by 20% and lasts for 7 days.

Increasing your level on the site can be pretty beneficial (we’ll be doing another article on the benefits of leveling up and also the how-to later!) since you’ll need to be at least level 3 to be able to claim rewards using the Soul Gems you’ve gathered. Once you reach level 6, you can unlock Soul Gems gifting, which will allow you to send Soul Gems to your friends. You will also be able to apply as a moderator at this point. Note that for every level you gain after level 3, you’ll also get a bonus of 15 Soul Gems.

Berkana Rune
Are you just starting out in Gamehag and have tons of friends who would love to play games and get free games in return? Well, this Rune is designed for you!

Known as the Rune of Birth, the olive-green-colored Rune with a “B” engraved into it will give you 50% extra Soul Gems for every friend you refer. So, this means that instead of getting only 250 SGs for the first 10 friends who signed up, you’ll get 375!

Of course, all of your friends need to either use your unique link to sign up or remember to add your unique code in the referral box after signing up, and they will need to do so within a week of you activating the Rune if you want to get all those extra Soul Gems.

Not to mention, if you’re an Influencer/YouTuber and have quite a huge following, this Rune would definitely be super helpful to you. Make sure to activate it whenever you create and upload any content related to Gamehag to maximize the Soul Gems you’ll get at the end of the day.

A Summary

Here’s a summary:

  • Ansus Rune - 50% more SGs for writing articles. Lasts 7 days.

  • Hagl Rune - +100% SGs by playing any mini-games on Gamehag. Lasts 24 hours.

  • Mannaz Rune - 40% more SGs per daily login. Lasts 7 days.

  • Tiwaz Rune - 25% boost to SGs earned from the Walls of Offers. Best for mobile users of the Gamehag app. Lasts 24 hours.

  • Algiz Rune - 20% bonus SGs for every Daily Mission you complete. Lasts 7 days.

  • Fehu Rune - +10% SGs for every in-game task you complete. Lasts 24 hours.

  • Raido Rune - Increase experience gain by 20%. Lasts for 7 days.

  • Berkana Rune - 50% more SGs for every referral you get. Lasts 7 days.

Quick FAQs

Can I activate more than one Rune at a time?
Yes, you can. You can activate one of each type of Runes but you can’t stack, as in activating multiple pieces of the same Rune, the effects of the Rune. However, the more Runes you activate, the more “juggling” you may need to do just to make sure you maximize the use of every piece of Rune you activate. We’d generally not recommend activating too many Runes at the same time.

What happens if my Rune ends while my tasks are pending approval?
Unfortunately, you won’t get the extra SGs if your Rune ended prior to your tasks being approved/verified. The same goes for the content you produce.

Can I sell Runes that I don’t want to use for Soul Gems?
Yes, you can. Simply click on the Runes you want to sell in your inventory and click the Sell button located at the bottom of the panel.

Currently, you can sell each Rune for 1 Soul Gem, but it’s obvious that you’d be better off using the Runes rather than selling them for just a single Soul Gem. Trading or selling Runes between users is not possible, however.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is as accurate as we can determine them to be, but in case of any inaccuracies, please feel free to send us an email via our Contact Us form and let us know. We’re not responsible for any losses (of Soul Gems, Runes or anything else).

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