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Top 5 FPS Games in 2022

Diesen Artickel einschätzen First-person shooters continue to be one of the leading genres in gaming today. Let's take a look at the five most popular and played games of this genre in 2022.

Mann Spiele - Top 5 FPS Games in 2022

First Person Shooters have been around for quite a long time and have been one, if not the most popular genre in computer and video gaming. There are several reasons why this form of gameplay has attracted millions of players worldwide, regardless of age or gender. Somehow, the idea of shooting your way through danger and overcoming your opponents while venturing through a given environment or moving forward through an adventure has proven to be an immersive and addictive endeavor. Many gamers play FPS games for various reasons, which, when viewed together, provide a plausible explanation of why the players become so attracted to the games in the first place.

Keeping all these in mind, here are five of the top FPS games in 2022 that exhibit and possess these qualities and why they have become so popular and playable in the FPS gaming community.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

First of all, Escape from Tarkov is an online multi-player FPS game (kind of like Fortnite or Player Unknown). At its core, the game is a Battle Royale. However, Tarkov has a slightly different gameplay compared to the other games. To begin with, if you get killed during a game, you lose everything you've collected. If you win, you get to order more. Although this can be remedied by purchasing an additional feature called a secure container, you can only do this once you level up further on in the game. In short, the game is high adrenaline pumping stressful.

Tarkov is a bit difficult as the game is quite complex to play. To start with, you have seven health bars to monitor, each for specific body parts. A lot to manage during a player's dash through Tarkov makes the learning curve quite tricky and steep. Also, the game is unique in that it has scheduled wipes where it re-starts after several months, resetting everything and everyone back to zero. This is to level the playing field for both experienced players and newbies to establish an equal footing for everyone. Escape from Tarkov may be just for you if you like this kind of FPS gameplay.

Overwatch 2

OverWatch 2

The game is an improved version of the original, released way back in 2016. Overwatch 2 continues the popular hero shooter gameplay and storyline that made it a massive hit to begin with. Overwatch is an MMOFPS game, so everything revolves around the original team characters and additional incoming new ones in this latest iteration. Weapons, power-ups, and shields, as well as skills, have been added and modified. Even the matches have been changed to a 5v5 arena-style gameplay and the team composition.

This, however, sort of changes the game's mechanics a bit since matches are a lot shorter than they used to be, as, with fewer players, everyone gets pawned a little bit sooner. However, with new exciting modes like "Push," the game is guaranteed to deliver the same (if not better) thrilling gameplay as the original had.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


The difference between Call of Duty and other MMOFPS games is that they were built with a campaign mode in mind. As so in similar games like DooM or Halo, the storyline is usually the prime motivator for gamers to play the game. The online multi-player feature ends up more like a bonus game rather than the main attraction. Another thing with COD is that the game iterations are linked in that the story is one continuous series of events chopped into several chapters, and some of the main characters will play essential roles in one COD game or another.

COD MW2 is another chapter in the storyline where our heroes must go up against a dangerous drug cartel in Mexico. The beauty of the game is that events happen all over the world, and the fighting takes a variety of forms. Graphics and sounds are superb as their predecessors, so if you've played COD before and enjoyed it, you'll be at home with the game.

Doom Eternal

Oh, it's an Easter Egg!

Since it was first released by id in the 1990s, blood and gore have always been the name of the game. Doom Eternal is the latest iteration in the long list of updates, installments, remakes, and re-masters. The central theme and core objective (and probably will always be) remains the same, kill all the evil alien demons and save the human race.

However, the last iterations (2016 and forward) have started to lean toward the side of storytelling than all of it just pure chaotic mayhem. Doom Eternal has a huge storyline in the form of recorded messages, logs, databases, and so on, should you, the player, care to read. The monsters are back, DooM Guy (though still Fly B. Taggart to me) is back, and of course, Hell is back! Graphics and sound are optimized to current Wohoo technology, so old veteran 1990s player dudes and the new gen of batch-made DooM diehards will be immersed once again in the horrendously wonderful reality of DooM (original soundtrack, please).

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

The enigmatic Gregorian Covenant chant that catapulted John (Master Chief) 117 into interstellar stardom is back again. With the excellent TV series bolstering the franchise and the release of HALO: Infinite, Bungie's original Sci-Fi game series is guaranteed to keep going on for years to come. Now Cortana (still voiced by Jen Taylor) is back as "The Weapon" (Cortana 2.0), a younger version of herself (a dead ringer though for Abygail Shapiro), and of course, Steve Downes once again as the legendary Chief.

If you've played HALO, read the books, watched the entire first season TV show, and are an avid, if not hardcore, FPS gamer, you'll know that HALO is the best! Infinite continues the legend of the man, the soldier, and the Hero. No more can be said. Graphics and sound are optimized to today's technology, and gameplay, as well as storyline, are as fantastic as ever. And "The Last Spartan" plays on…

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