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We Need a New Red Alert Game. Here's Why.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Command & Conquer: Red Alert has been one of the most popular and successful game series of the yesteryears. It's been a long time since an iteration of the game was released. Let's discuss why the game needs a new episode for today's current game market.

Mann Spiele - We Need a New Red Alert Game. Here's Why.

The Command & Conquer game series has always been one of the most popular game series ever in the games market. In 1996, Westwood released a C&C version that depicted global conflicts that were closer to those existing in our reality. This was Command & Conquer Red Alert. The game featured an alternate world where clashes between the actual super-powered nations (both past and present) have led to real warfare on a grand scale. This usually meant the Allies and the Soviets, and finally Axis Japan on the latest iteration of the game.

Through the years, starting from its first release, C&C Red Alert has gone from the first game to Red Alert 2 and 3, the latest being a three-way quarrel between the Russians, the Allies, and a dictatorial alternate version of Japan. Red Alert 3, which came out in 2008-2009, was by far the most awesome of the Red Alert games, even surpassing another similar game series, C&C Generals, which portrayed a similar game theme which, however, was a way lot closer to our current actual global situation. Classified under the RTS game genre, the Command & Conquer games (all of them except for the FPS C&C Renegade) focus more on combat tactics, base building, and resource gathering. What's more, time is a crucial element in the games, as opponents, whether AI or actual players, are also building as fast as they can and attacking as quickly as possible. Getting up to speed on defenses and offensive capabilities may determine early on the onset of a game.

RED Alert Game Play

Aside from the gameplay, there are many things that have contributed to the popularity of the games. The near-real life events and situations have presented a kind of "What If" scenario to players and the probable results of a war, should the events happen. The units in the game, their capabilities, and functions, from the Allied German Shepard to the Tesla Coil, all fit nicely into the overall functionality of the game. The building has also provided a mesmerizing immersive effect on the player as gathering resources and putting up all the necessary structures within as short a period of time has become the most critical factor in the game.

The units are cute and cool looking and usually funny as well, as the voice-overs never seem to fail in eliciting laughs and smirks while playing the games. The sound effects and music are just suitable for the situations happening, and the usually lively, modern, and jivy soundtrack encourages the player to really enjoy oneself as one moves one's troops and units all over the battlefield. Combat is quick and intense and will definitely provide a feeling of euphoria upon beating one's opponents, destroying their bases, and winning the game.

RED Alert Showdown

However, the most vital attraction the games have on the players is the impressive storyline cut-scenes and the actors. The games, especially Red Alert 3, are storyline-based, with scenes played by professional actors done in the most amusing and comedic performances in gaming history. Not only that, the professional actresses who play the female characters in the game are wonderful, talented, and very well endowed. C&C: Red Alert follows the universal formula of attracting and holding the attention of the majority male-dominated gaming world by using the "Sex Sells" adage commonly found in the most popular games like Lara Croft. As for the actors, surely, veteran entertainers like George Takei and Tim Cury will definitely elicit a smile or laughter from the audience.

Sadly, Red Alert has had no other later iterations since Red Alert 3, and around 13 years is a very, very long time in the game industry. A lot of fans and hard-core players of the game series are starting to miss the game, and to mention current events in the real world are practically pointing to Red Alert as sort of a prediction in gaming form. Real war is never a good thing and should be avoided at all costs as the loss of human life is an anathema that shouldn't even be considered as an option.

Games, as enjoyable as they are, should never influence, inspire or propagate real war and should be relegated to the realm of entertainment, education, and simulation. In fact, if gaming can avert people from fighting with each other, the better. Going back to Red Alert, it's really been a long time, and with the things happening these days, who knows, they may be a wake-up call for Westwood and publishers that it's time for a Red Alert 4.

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