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What Makes Magic Forge so Enjoyable?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen With a great deal of activities to manage, balance, and get you challenged - Magic Forge easily endows a deeply enjoyable strategy game to eager players. What makes it so enjoyable to play? Let's all find out! Mann Spiele - What Makes Magic Forge so Enjoyable?

We all have been thrown with great online RPGs (role playing game) having the “chosen one” plot - meaning, we always pick up on the shoes of a hero, or a hero-to-be, destined to save the world, the kingdom, or your own people from an impending crisis. A core element that makes up the need for the player to engage on the given tasks of the game. Well, the case on Magic Forge somewhat takes on another approach. A far fetched idea that seemingly thrusted the game to become extraordinarily interesting and beyond the norms.

First off, you are not a hero in the game. Much less, you play as the support role where you take aim to forge powerful weapons for the heroes that plays the fights for you. In return, you gain fame and familiarity across the wanderers and adventurers of the land and put boost to your weapon forging business. In the game, you must grow your tiny shop into a bustling emporium to earn you the right to create more varieties of weapons and even the legendary ones.

Secondly, it works its magic on tactics. As you get behind the battles of the medieval times, you get to take efforts in putting the fires on the pit instead and stroke the anvil with your hammer and craft varieties of weapons depending on what your client needs in the game. With the booming industry of dungeon raiding, there are so much wanderers to find, and offer your services with.

Tactics get involved when you get to reel in the right combinations of wanderers to impress with your work. As they complete their quests in the game, they offer you quite a handful of loot items in return. Securing the right combinations of spoils would bring you a greater scope of quality for your masterpieces. Not limited to this, finding legendary weapons in the game shall also entitle you with more powerful heroes to fight for you on the tourneys.

Next we have the social aspect of the game. Mainly, the game tasks you to put great efforts in producing quality weapons to reel in great warriors to work with. As you get to build your dream team of warriors, you may enlist onto the tourneys within the game. Tourneys works like PVP (player versus player) areas where your roster of fighters get racked up with other player’s own pack of fighters. Winning the tourneys thereafter will secure spoils that will fetch you greater quality weapons, and resources to earn you progress in the game. Inviting some of the well loved features of MMOs such as the peer based battles makes the game much more interesting and seemingly more addictive.

More so, Magic Forge endows us with the nostalgic feel of games with its presentation. Highlighting 2D elements for the game's assets, it brings forth a reminiscent feel of earlier console RPGs. Compounded by putting great efforts on detailing every asset in the game, it sure is an eye pleaser despite being rendered in full 2D plane. And although it lacks fluidity in animations, the game persists to endow a complete presentation with the style and elements similar to that of aged games.

Finally, the game offer a variety of activities to perform and allot you growth within the game. In short, massive content. It may seem like the gameplay is simple and relatively easy to conquer, yet the scope of wanderers you may have to please increases as you level up. Also, classifications and levels of weapons never ceases to increase as you earn the different components in the game as well as the necessary levels to perform more complex formulas. As you get primed for the PVP encounters with higher level players, special items can be earned as tourney prizes to fetch you even more powerful weapons to put into play. Plausible growth in the game seems to be just endless.

These are just but the few reasons why Magic Forge is beyond reasonable doubt a great game to play. It is fun, endows you with lots of activities to do and balance, and situates you in a world with many great surprises waiting for you to play and enjoy!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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