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3D Car Modern Setting Competitive
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Master the art of drag racing in this thrilling game and beat your arch rivals.

Put crews to shame with your perfect gear shifts and earn respect along the way.

Drive the best cars from the greatest manufacturers of the world and customize them as you like.

CSR Racing 2 puts you on the tracks of drag racing against the toughest opponents. Make a crew and defeat other crew members with your detailed rides. Install upgrades to make your car faster and tweak the performance to get the upper hand in your races. Race against online gamers from all around the globe!

CSR Racing 2 features Drag races that are all about shifting the gear at the perfect moment. There are several thrilling racing modes for you to test your skills in. Single player mode involves challenging different crews and earning respect as you defeat them in the game. In order to challenge the crew leader, you will have to defeat the crew members that are at different difficulty levels in the game. There are 3 difficulty levels, rookie, amateur and pro. To play pro level, you will have to defeat the crew member at the first two difficulties first.

There are also Daily races on the map that give you a chance to drive the most expensive and exotic cars for free. The cars are totally random and you just might get lucky when it comes to getting the car you want. Ladder races, on the other hand, put you on the road against the toughest opponents but don’t worry, the tougher the opponent, the more points you get on winning. Regulation races are short races that pay less but are reliable when it comes to winning. You can also race against the best in different Cup events that are for limited time only.

In terms of gameplay, CSR Racing 2 features one of the most addicting gameplays ever. All you have to hit the gas pedal till the needle in the meter reaches the green portion at the beginning of the race. This will give you a perfect head start over the opponent. After that the car is going to accelerate automatically and you are going to have to make perfect shifts of gears to win the race. You can use nitrous by tapping its icon on the right of the speed o meter.

Furthermore, there are a wide variety of sports cars in this game. Drive cars manufactured from 24 of the biggest manufacturers of sports cars in the world. The game includes famous car brands like the Ferrari, BMW, Bugatti, Audi etc. while bringing you the latest and the fastest models of 2016. What if you want to buy your dream car but don’t have enough cash? Well, pay real money and buy as much cash as you need to get your hands on the sweetest ride in the game.

CSR Racing 2 also offers a garage where you can install upgrades, buy or sell cars and tweak the performance. Customize and transform your vehicle into a gasoline consuming beast on the road. Install 5 different levels of nitrous boosts, turbo, intakes, transmission, tires and engines to increase the stats of your car. Make your car lighter by removing the rear seats and spare wheel, using carbon fiber panels and removing power steering and AC to make it go faster than ever. Customize the color code of your car’s interior, exterior, license plate and install cool skins to make your ride stand out amongst the crowd. Customization also includes a Tuning feature that allows you to tweak your car’s performance and have full control over the upgrades your car possesses.

Another great feature of CSR Racing 2 is the online gaming mode. Form crews with different players around the world and compete in different tournaments together to win rare cars and bonus upgrades. The game features a detailed chat room where you can interact with your crew buddies and form strategies. Chats can also be pinned for offline crew members so that they can view it later on.
You need fuel to race and each race is going to drain your car of gasoline. Win races and events to get free fuel points, cash, and opponent’s cars in pink slips with rare upgrades that can be fused with the stock ones to unleash the beast your car holds within.

One of the most amazing thing is that the game offers some realistic visuals. The details on the cars and the metal bodies make them look almost real. The graphic designers have done a great job with track details and garage customization options as well. If your device cannot run the magnificent graphics in the game smoothly, you can always tweak the graphic settings and also the sound options in the game’s menu.

In short, CSR Racing 2 is an incredible sequel to the popular CSR Racing game franchise. Test your shifting skills in this racing thriller as you beat opponents on the road. Challenge crew members and break their hold in the city by defeating them in a heated drag race. Install cool upgrades to your car and unleash the beast over your rivals in the thrilling gameplay. Form a crew with your online friends and take over territories by defeating others as a team. Try it now! CSR Racing 2 Summary

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Put crews to shame with your perfect gear shifts and earn respect along the way.

Drive the best cars from the greatest manufacturers of the world and customize them as you like.
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