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Pick from the Slayer, Vampire and Outers races.

Enjoy classic hack-and-slash gameplay from the old days.

Take on quests, go on dungeon raids or engage in PvP combat.

In a world that’s inhabited by only three races, it’s up to you to pick a race and be strong enough to make it stand up against the other races. Be the hero that you’ve always dreamed of being here in Dark Eden: Cataclysm.

To play the game, sign up for an account at the official website using only your email address and a nominated password. After signing up, download the free game client. Let it run the first time, and allow it to update to the latest version and then you can begin playing. You’d have to log in using your username and password, and then nominate a second 6-digit password for additional security.

In this game, you can pick between three classes: the vampire, the slayers (humans) and the outers, beings who live in the wasteland between the domains of the two other races. Take your time to look at the statistics and capabilities of each race, to see which one suits your playing style best. In any case, you can create up to 4 characters so you can experiment between each race.

Choose a server, and your adventure has begun.

Your first task is to explore your race’s headquarters. Talk to the non-playable characters by approaching them, clicking on their avatars and choosing what to do from the Menu. One of these characters will give you your first quests, particularly your tutorial which will show you the ropes of how to control your characters.

Movement is achieved using only your left mouse buttons. Click on where you want your character to go and it will go there. If there is an enemy in that path, clicking on it will automatically make your character attack it as soon as he or she gets near. Each vanquished enemy will leave behind a corpse, which you can click to investigate and see if there is loot to be found.

You can use special skills and items in combat. To access your skills, click on the Skill button on the lower right portion of the screen. Hover your mouse over the Skill you want to assign, and press the Hotkey, which is one of the Function Keys above the number buttons of your keyboard. To use the skill, select it by pressing the hotkey, and activate it by pressing on the right mouse button.

You can assign to hotkeys and use items the same way as well.

Questing and dungeons will take up most of your time as a beginner, but, as you grow stronger, you can go out to the game’s worlds and meet other people with whom you might want to build a party, or fight against in Player versus Player combat.

To make your characters stronger in battle, purchase and equip gear. To access your inventory, press Tab and then I to open up the item inventory and character equipment screens, respectively. Simply drag the item from the inventory into the character equipment screen in order to put them on.

Dark Eden: Cataclysm is reminiscent of those isometric MMORPGs that have become popular in the past years, with its hack-and-slash gameplay. However, it has enough unique features of its own through which it can stand up to its competition effectively. Give it a try now! Dark Eden: Cataclysm Summary

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Enjoy classic hack-and-slash gameplay from the old days.

Take on quests, go on dungeon raids or engage in PvP combat.
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