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Facebook Sports 3D FootballManagement
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Start your own football club and build up your team of players!

Devise a winning strategy along with a great line-up.

Storm your way through leagues and champion leagues to be the ultimate Golden Manager!

Want your club to be the next Real Madrid, the champions of the last UEFA Champions League with 9 same titles under its already bulging belt? By playing Golden Manager, you can!

After registering, you will get yourself your own football club (FC) and you will be asked to design your club’s jerseys. There is even a stadium for you to train your players at. Training will include 4 important skills that every footballer must have – defence, pass, attack and stamina. Trying to find a proper balance between all those stats can be a real high order that only an up-and-coming FC manager can handle.

Although you start off with relatively ‘bad’ players, you can train them up over time, as aforementioned, or if you would like to take the fast track, you can go to the market to recruit new and better players (Footballers who are level 60 and above) to your team at the cost of ingots and money (in-game currencies). However, these players are in high demand and you might just need to compete with other FCs in order to win the bid. If you are a wealthy FC manager, you can take the even faster track by directly recruiting an elite player to your team. An interesting thing to note is that these football players are based off real footballers and their Wikipedia links are attached to their respective profiles. Neat, right?

If you ran out of money or ingots, you will need to get some sponsors to help fund your club. There are two types of sponsor contracts – the first one has a higher ingots pay-out but will require you to login every day until the contract expires; the second option however, pays you only 2 ingots per day (the amount of money is the same for both contracts) and you are not required to login every day. Whichever contracts you choose to sign, you should, of course, always have your club’s interests in heart and mind.

Once you’ve gotten your new team of elites (or if you prefer to stick to the old crew), you can assign them to their respective positions on the field. Different strategies you employ will result in requiring players with different roles. Fortunately, the roles of players are pretty much fixed, simplifying the game mechanics. Instead of needing to compare the stats of every one of your team for a, let’s say, centre midfield position, you just need to find players who already have the acronym ‘CM’ assigned to them and choose from there. Considering that there can be unlimited number of players in a football team including those on the bench and those unassigned, this feature drastically reduced the time needed to pick a player for a particular position on the field.

Now, onwards to the matches! Football matches for the beginner’s league are assigned to you and there’s actually a schedule already in place that you can check out. There will be a match every day while you can use the time in between to let your players recuperate and for more intensive training. The minor leagues are held very often, but the main prize is the big leagues, or as they call it, the Championship leagues. In order to even qualify, you need to win at least the minor leagues first.

The best part in Golden Manager is the football matches. Although you won’t see animated players actually playing the game on the field, but you get to see where the ball is on the field and with whom, and you also get to feel the lively atmosphere (with the audience cheering, gasping and singing).

The energetic and fast-paced commentaries and the frustration that goes along with the referee not noticing an offside or awarding a red card to one of the players on your team come along with the package as well. However, of course, instead of being just the audience, you are the manager so you’ve got to act like one! You will get to swap players out when they are injured or underperforming. There is even half-time break where you can grab a quick snack, making the match as realistic as possible.

In short, being a relatively simple, Facebook-based football game, Golden Manager may not be comparable to big football game titles like FIFA, but it has all the criteria a good football game should have. Its real-time football matches are just awesome! It has definitely gotten my heart racing and blood pumping… especially when my team scored the winning goal at the very last second. It will keep you right at the edge of your seat! Golden Manager Summary

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Devise a winning strategy along with a great line-up.

Storm your way through leagues and champion leagues to be the ultimate Golden Manager!
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