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Régebbi posztok szerda, május 31, 2017

Rail Nation: Career Engine - Let the Journey Begin!

Rail Nation: Let the Journey Begin! Fire up the boiler and take your career engine to all corners of the maps! Olvass többet
kedd, május 30, 2017

Új játék hozzáadva: Legends of Callasia

Legends of Callasia: Gameplay Combat in Legends of Callasia Legends of Callasia: Cards Put your strategic skills to the test in this brilliant Risk-like strategy game

Build your empire, send out your armies, eliminate your rivals, and conquer the map

Enjoy the game's expansive single player game modes or fight other players in multiplayer mode
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péntek, május 26, 2017

Új játék hozzáadva: Injustice 2

Batman vs Superman in Injustice 2 Cast of characters in Injustice 2 Batman in Injustice 2 Take control of your favorite DC heroes in Injustice 2, and pick up where the previous game ended.

Beat up your opponents in this superhero fighting game and play various game modes.

Level up, strengthen, and execute super moves to win your individual exciting and fast-paced fights.
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csütörtök, május 25, 2017

Downward - Teaser Trailer Video

Downward - Teaser Trailer Video Embark on a perilous parkour-filled journey to find mysterious artifacts that will reveal the truth behind the cataclysmic event that had brought down all the mighty human civilizations of the past. Olvass többet
szerda, május 24, 2017

Legends of Callasia - Official Trailer Video

Legends of Callasia - Official Trailer Video Build an empire, amass your army and set out to destroy anyone who stands in your way to winning the Great Callasian War! Olvass többet
péntek, május 19, 2017

Rocking Pilot from MadHeadGames - Trailer Video

Rocking Pilot from MadHeadGames - Trailer Video Have a smashing good time in this brand-new shoot 'em up by Mad Head Games, Rocking Pilot! Olvass többet
csütörtök, május 18, 2017

Új játék hozzáadva: Ultimate Tennis

Gameplay in Ultimate Tennis Ultimate Tennis: Choosing a player Time to duel in Ultimate Tennis Embark on an arcade-like tennis game that features RPG elements to keep the replay value high.

Jump into online-play to test out just how good you and your character have become over the time you’ve spent in the game.

Experience a number of simple, yet effective mechanics to make this game one of the most enjoyable mobile tennis games out there.
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vasárnap, május 14, 2017

Új játék hozzáadva: Slay One

Slay One First Aid Kit Slay One Mini Gun Slay One Zombie Play a one-of-a-kind third person shooter game on Facebook.

Pick up weapons and cycle through them.

Kill all zombies, or infect humans as a zombie yourself.
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szerda, május 10, 2017

Új játék hozzáadva: Super Tank Rumble

Super Tank Rumble: Game Play Firing the Enemy in Super Tank Rumble Super Tank Rumble: Battle Man a tank and destroy your opponent in Super Tank Rumble.

Play exciting campaigns or challenge a random player for a nail biting contest.

Customize and create your own tanks with the heaviest firepower.
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kedd, május 9, 2017

Sign Up for Quake Champions Beta Now!

Sign Up for Quake Champions Beta Now! Experience the classic MMOFPS Quake in this brand-new and improved version, Quake Champions! Olvass többet
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