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szerda, december 19, 2018

Wild Terra Releases Free DLC, Royal Treasures, and Update 9.56 Cartography

A new dominium, a new castle, a new skill and a fun new game mode, royal treasure hunting, is here in Wild Terra! Wild Terra Releases Free DLC, Royal Treasures, and Update 9.56 Cartography You can now get the free DLC Royal Treasures by simply updating the game. The DLC comes with:

New dominium of huge size - Royal Dominium
In addition to the usual ingredients, its creation will require Thozorium ingots and fragments of the Warp Crystal from the Corrupted Lands.

New type of castle - Royal Castle
Its walls are surrounded by a moat, the castle has two entrances with protective iron gratings and drawbridges. All industrial buildings in it are much more spacious, and some are also more efficient.

For example, a stone crusher grinds stones and ore so gently that the result corresponds to manual processing, and the chance of getting iron in the Effective Crucible Shop is reduced to 20%.

It is also worth noting the uniquely useful bonuses of the castle: Home comfort, which increases the amount of Master Inspiration and Combat concentration replenishment by 50% and all Master bonuses that increase the quality of created items by 10%

Royal Hunting for Treasure
In the Royal Castle, you also have the opportunity to launch the Royal Treasure Hunt - a new game event designed for a group of players. We are still working on the balance of difficulty and rewards, and will be glad to hear your feedback.

A new skill, Cartography, is also added along with more than 20 other innovations and improvements! Check it out now!

If you do not own a copy of Wild Terra yet, you can grab the game at a 15% off on the game's official website: