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Régebbi posztok hétfő, augusztus 20, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: Star Trek Adversaries

Star Trek Adversaries: Gameplay Deck building in Star Trek Adversaries Star Trek Adversaries: Choosing a character and ship Take command of the most renowned ships in the Star Trek universe to conquer the galaxy

Choose your flagship, either Federation or Klingon, and call allies to your side

Choose from the Enterprise to the Voyager or from Spock to Benjamin Sisko in heated battles
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szombat, augusztus 18, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: Football Fred

Football Fred: Shooting Tackling in Football Fred Football Fred: Scoring Win the most prestigious football competitions in Football Fred.

Create your own team of superstar footballers from scratch.

Compete in nail biting competitions for the ultimate glory.
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csütörtök, augusztus 16, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: Revenge of Sultans

Revenge of Sultans: Castle Farming in Revenge of Sultans Revenge of Sultans: Attacking Enemy Castle Restore your empire to its former glory in Revenge of Sultans.

Manage resources, train your troops and conquer kingdoms.

Defeat monsters, loot resources and attack enemies with your allies.
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kedd, augusztus 14, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: Elite SWAT

Using a knife in Elite SWAT Elite SWAT: Control cool drones Battle various enemies in Elite SWAT Take on the role of an Elite shooter of the SWAT Team.

Gear up and bring out your best guns.

Brave dangerous terrains and stop the evil terrorist groups.
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péntek, augusztus 10, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2: Game Play Scoring in Head Ball 2 Head Ball 2: Shooting Ball Play a unique style of football in Head Ball 2.

Head it, kick it or jump over it to beat player from all over the world.

Customize your own players and upgrade their skills.
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szerda, augusztus 8, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved: Facing down a T-Rex Gathering wood in ARK Survival Evolved ARK Survival Evolved: Heavily-armored dino Experience a massive open world survival game with dinosaurs.

Gather resources and craft useful tools needed to survive.

Develop your camp, tame docile dinosaurs and fight aggressive ones.
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hétfő, augusztus 6, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: Past Cure

Past Cure: Gameplay Stealth gameplay in Past Cure Past Cure: Shooting monsters Experience a psychological thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat

Help Ian find the people responsible for this destabilizing mind and mete out justice

Keep the nightmarish monsters at bay with the experimental drug, Blue
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szombat, augusztus 4, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: Battlelands Royale

Farm in Battlelands Royale Battlelands Royale: Diving into the battlefield Picking up airdrop in Battlelands Royale Grab a weapon and battle 31 other players on a giant map getting into all kinds of trouble

Search and loot various different power-ups to help you in your fight to be the last man standing

Experience the game in its solo mode or team up with a friend in its duo mode
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csütörtök, augusztus 2, 2018

Új játék hozzáadva: Antiquitas

Antiquitas: Game Play Managing Cities in Antiquitas Antiquitas: Building At Night Build your own city in Antiquitas.

Raise a modern masterpiece or build the beautiful histories of Rome and Egypt.

Enjoy an amazing sandbox game mode.
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kedd, július 31, 2018

Bomb You – A New Era of Shooting Games

Bomb You – A New Era of Shooting Games Experience a tactical shooting game like no other with Bomb You! Olvass többet
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