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City Building Games List

Games where you get to design and build your own city and complete fun quests to get materials and items that you need. Critter Conquest

Critter Conquest

City BuildingReal TimePlayer vs Player (PvP)Management 10 Rate You are the ruler of a Critter Kingdom and tasked to build the mightiest kingdom in the land.

Raise an army to conquer your enemies and construct defensive towers to protect your own.

Obliterate enemy encampments by sending in your troops and earn their resources for loots.
MyClub Manager

MyClub Manager

City BuildingCompetitiveFootball 6.3 Rate Handle your very own soccer team

Build your team’s stadium

Prove your skills in competitive soccer
Super Soccer Club

Super Soccer Club

City BuildingBuildingCompetitiveFootball - Rate Manage your team of professional footballers and lead them to victory on the pitch.

Build your own roster, training facilities, and put your football team on the map.

Score goals, beat your rivals, and win tournaments to become a celebrated team manager!
Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

City BuildingBuildingPost ApocalypticExploration - Rate Enjoy this exciting vault building game that you can enjoy on the go on your mobile device.

Gain control of your very own vault and turn it into the most prosperous and successful vault out there.

Use the crafting features in order to turn seemingly useless items into potentially game changing tools.
Lands of War

Lands of War

City BuildingReal TimeBuildingGuildsCompetitive 7.7 Rate Manage your village and expand your territory by attacking others in Lands of War.

Raise buildings for resources and recruit warriors to wreak havoc upon the enemy.

Take on the whole world one by one or choose a random online opponent in Lands of War.

Lands of War is a brilliant real time strategy game that brings you a fantasy themed world full of dwarves, elves, trolls and other magical creatures. You will have to manage your own village by creating buildings, hiring troops and upgrading the resources. With an auto resolved combat system, you get to take on the whole world and defend your village against the forces of evil.

The resources used in the game are gold, food and gems. You will need these resources to buy lands, buildings and for hiring troops. These resources can be collected by completing quests in the game or going to battle. You can store these resources in barns, farms, gold mines, opal mines and stores and much more. Resources can also be purchased through real cash from the game store.

A huge variety of buildings are available in Lands of War, each crucial for the sustenance of your village. Visit the game store and buy farms, barns, forge stores, gold mines, opal mines and much more. You can purchase these items through your resources and can place them anywhere you want in the village. These structures can also be upgraded which takes some time. You can however, speed up that time using gems in the game.

Since you will be expecting enemies at your door, you will need to manage your own army. For that, you will have to build a barrack in which you can hire a huge variety of unique troops including orcs, trolls, elves, dwarves, eagles, mages and thieves. Each unit’s stats can also be upgraded in the forge shop in the game store.

You will also have to strengthen up your defenses. Visit the game store to buy the most lethal defensive items including the archer’s tower, cannons, fences and towers of fire and ice. Position them with the perfect strategy in order to defend your village from attacks. Moreover, you can also purchase shields of protection that can last from 1 to 3 days using gems. These shields make your village immune to the attacks for a limited time period, giving you ample time to get your army ready for battle.

Lands of War includes a world campaign mode and a Battle mode. The campaign mode features increasingly challenging forts that you will have to attack one by one in order to win valuable resources and new buildings.

Battle mode allows you to test your defenses and your warriors against a random online player with the same rank as yours. The combat is auto resolved and all you have to do is click the position where you want to launch your warriors. Whoever manages to finish off each other first, wins the battle.

You can also create your own guild or join an already existing one. Guilds can help you in attacking tougher opponents together and can also allow you to share your resources in times of need. Guilds can also engage in battle with each other in the battle mode.

Lands of War is a brilliant game when it comes to the graphics and the sound effects. The characters and the buildings are quite beautifully detailed and the sound effects make the game close to reality. It’s a complete package of entertainment that can keep you hooked for hours.

Manage your own village, build structures and strengthen up your defenses against the forces of evil. Create barracks to recruit a huge variety of valuable troops. Engage in battle against a random online player or take on the whole world in the Campaign mode. Try out Lands of War today.
Coin Master

Coin Master

AdventureCity BuildingVikingsPlayer vs Player (PvP) 6 Rate Spin that reel and see what you can do next.

Attack other players and steal their coins.

Invest your gold coins into your village so your opponents couldn’t steal anything from you.
Bloody Z: Zombie Strike

Bloody Z: Zombie Strike

SurvivalCity BuildingZombiesPlayer vs Player (PvP) 3 Rate Help your community prosper in this epic survival game that doesn’t disappoint.

Raid your opponents in order to get your hands on their resources.

Annihilate zombies as you progress through the game to reduce the spread of the virus.


Sandbox GameCity BuildingBuildingModern SettingManagement - Rate Build your own city in Antiquitas.

Raise a modern masterpiece or build the beautiful histories of Rome and Egypt.

Enjoy an amazing sandbox game mode.
Rail World

Rail World

City BuildingManagementTrains - Rate Establish an entire railroad empire in this phenomenal game that’ll have you engrossed for countless hours.

Transport passengers and goods to various different places as you progress through the game.

Acquire new trains as you progress through the game to improve your transportation times.
Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars

City BuildingBuildingSci-FiCompetitive 10 Rate Take control of a corporation and join the race to terraform Mars

Earn as many terraform and victory points as you can

Outwit your opponents and sabotage them every step of the way