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Platformer Games List

Platform games, such as Mario, go under this category. Dragon Kong

Dragon Kong

AnimalsPlatformer - Rate Save the Flower Fruit Mountain from the forces of evil in Dragon Kong!

Jump and navigate across varied levels and dangerous terrain to save his homeland.

Slay various enemies, consume peaches, and gather coins!
TDP-4 Team Battle

TDP4 Team Battle

Player vs Player (PvP)PlatformerDeathmatchTeam DeathmatchCapture the Flag 10 Rate Run, crouch, crawl or jump as you avoid obstacles while shooting your opponents in this fast action-packed sidescroller of a game.

Experience a game play that crosses games like Super Mario, Sonic and CounterStrike into one multi-player slugfest.

Feel the tension building up all the way from your keyboard to your fingers and up to your brain and holler as you get pummeled by the other guy.



DeathmatchTeam DeathmatchSci-FiPlayer vs Player (PvP)PlatformerCompetitiveTake and Hold - Rate Engage enemy ants in a multi-player side-scrolling arcade shooter where you can move up, down, left or right as you aim and shoot at the split of an instant.

Experience the surrealistically cute ant world as your insectoid trooper jumps up and down in a battle to death while collecting items that not only help but produce awesome graphical and sound effects as well.

Go toe to toe, team to team in this game where the ant with the moves wins the round (or day).



AdventureSci-FiPlatformer - Rate Run and jump your way through a series of challengingly mind-boggling and gravity-defying puzzles

Enjoy a humorous and original storyline through its snappy dialogues and quirky characters

Help the coffee guy escape from the alien-looking world behind a black hole and return to Earth


Sci-FiPlatformer - Rate Catch a glimpse of a mind-boggling future and learn how to bend gravity to suit your needs

Make your own stepping-stone where there is none and ascend to greater heights

Get to know the eccentric and self-proclaimed genius Curator and learn the secrets of the gallery


MazePlatformer - Rate Enjoy this phenomenal PAC-MAN game that’s without a doubt one of the most unique games this franchise has had to offer.

Travel across the world and enjoy a variety of levels that take place in actual real world locations.

Put your skills to the test as you try to get the highest possible score to secure a spot on the global leaderboard.
Party Royale

Party Royale

Platformer - Rate Enjoy this epic mobile based platformer style game that you simply will not be able to get enough of.

Make your way through tons upon tons of intricately crafted courses in which your skills are sure to be tested.

Immerse yourself in the delightful visuals that are packed with stunning detail and vibrant colors.