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Oudere Berichten maandag, maart 14, 2016

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: theHunter

theHunter taking aim theHunter stalking prey theHunter wildlife Enjoy this highly immersive hunting game that’ll take you on a journey full of thrill and memorable moments.

Make use of the various different weapons at your disposal to hunt your prey as efficiently as possible.

Travel to different parts of the world and enjoy beautiful sights during your hunting sessions.
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donderdag, maart 10, 2016

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Pool Nation FX

Add-on Tourney Location in Pool Nation FX Pool Nation FX Shot Guiding System Themed Billiards Game in Pool Nation FX Get immersed with realistic graphics and physics as well as with variety of in-game tourney locations.

Scour for the world’s best billiards players and earn victory with them to rack up with the top ranks.

Enjoy precision control of the shot from the direction of the shot, angle of hit, and even power gauging.
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zondag, december 20, 2015

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Grand Shift Auto

Mob Encounter in Grand Shift Auto Grand Shift Auto - Earning Cash in Missions Game Shop in Grand Shift Auto Get onto the side of the law preventing different heists and busting crook operations.

Spend efforts on hard to pull-off missions, that earns you cash credits to put up your upgrades with.

Earn mission rewards to gain access to different locations, utilities, weapons, vehicles, and upgrades.
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zondag, januari 24, 2016

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Ancient Egypt Level in Plants Vs Zombies 2 Plants Vs Zombies 2 Wild West Level Pirate Level map in Plants Vs Zombies 2 Scour for different plants to put up your defenses with.

Play through the game’s great collection of challenging levels.

Earn resources by playing through the levels to purchase the all important power-ups.
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zondag, februari 28, 2016

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: High Octane Drift

Custom Paint Works in High Octane Drift High Octane Drift - Getting into the Drifts Scoring From Checkpoints in High Octane Drift Upgrade and customize your car specifically for drift races.

Enjoy a great collection of performance parts and aesthetics to put in your car.

Get to play with other online players with thousands of attendants around the world.
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zaterdag, november 7, 2015

Nieuw Artikel Toegevoegd: A Following Towards Tower Defense Games

A Following Towards Tower Defense Games preview image Having found games with more active roles to perform and cover - made up the entire new sub genre of tower defense games. As they took off with a great following among active gamers, let's discuss what gets them reeling a lot of interest (from the players) and what they have to offer. Lees meer
vrijdag, november 20, 2015

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: FIFA Online 3

FIFA Online 3 Actual Matchups Practice Matches in FIFA Online 3 FIFA Online 3 - Playing Tactics Get set for an authentic FIFA experience, complete with official licenses for the different leagues.

Scour and enlist players to play for you with almost 15,000 real world players to form your team.

Play beyond the preparations and management and situate yourself in a real and full soccer match.
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zondag, februari 21, 2016

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Time of Dragons

Beautiful Environment in Time of Dragons Time of Dragons Main Menu Hub Deathmatch Battles in Time of Dragons Play death-match battles online with thousands of participants.

Choose among 7 different classes of dragons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Equip your fighting unit with assortments of weapons and supplies in-between the matches.
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vrijdag, februari 19, 2016

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention Loading Screen Tactical Intervention M1 Garand Tactical Intervention Chase Cam Take on your enemies head-on with your best firearms.

Choose from many different modes of First Person Shooter gameplay.

Make your character more powerful as you progress into the game.
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maandag, november 30, 2015

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Battle Cars

Battle Cars: Cool 4-wheel drive Battle Cars Garage Battle Cars Battle Build a heavily armed monster car and take on your opponents.

Blaze away with your guns and destroy your enemies.

Use the points you earned in battle to buy new cars or augment your existing vehicle.
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