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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale taking cover Fortnite Battle Royale wreaking havoc Fortnite Battle Royale sniping foes Become the last standing player in this exciting battle royale experience that doesn’t cease to impress.

Choose from various kinds of character classes, each suited to a different playstyle.

Collect weapons as the match goes on to get an edge on your opponents.
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: RAID: Shadow Legends

Bastion in RAID: Shadow Legends Summoning a Sniper in RAID: Shadow Legends Battling in RAID: Shadow Legends Dive into the troubled world of Teleria and recruit both warriors of light and darkness to save it!

Collect hundreds of warriors from different factions and assemble a team of varied humans, elves, and even the undead.

Battle bosses in strategic battles for loot, XP, and equipment.
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans launching an attack Vikings: War of Clans managing the kingdom Vikings: War of Clans map Play this highly immersive MMORTS game and wage wars against the other kingdoms of the land.

Conduct research to upgrade your forces and make them stronger than all others.

Create massive armies and use them to wreak havoc on your opponents and their kingdoms.
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Overlords of War

Overlords of War: Instance map Gameplay in Overlords of War Overlords of War: Your thriving empire Side with the forces of good or evil in a struggle to claim the powers of the “Sealed Sword”

Recruit heroes to your army and deploy them to the battlefield

Ally with other players in factions and participate in both PvE and PvP events
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Final Infection: Apocalypse

Final Infection: Combat gameplay Slaying zombies in Final Infection Final Infection: Training at the Gym Embark on a thrilling journey of survival in a world ravaged by a zombie virus

Battle zombies and hostile humans alike to earn food and experience points

Fight enemies through a variety of fun game modes or engage in some PvP with your fellow players
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Elvenar: A Valentine's Tale To Remember

Elvenar: A Valentine's Tale To Remember Follow an intriguing Valentine's tale featuring a couple who cannot be more diverse in Elvenar! Lees meer
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Nosgoth

Nosgoth taking aim Nosgoth all out assault Nosgoth about to wreck some vampires Pledge your allegiance to either the Vampires or the Humans in this highly intense game where everything hangs in the balance.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking game world that has many amazing sights for you to enjoy.

Master the expertly crafted combat system and wreak havoc on the enemies that stand in your path.
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: World of Tanks: Blitz

Play World of Tanks Use terrain to win in World of Tanks Unlock tanks in the tech tree in World of Tanks Engage in massive tank battles in a huge highly detailed environment with people from all around the world.

Win skirmishes with your team and earn money to purchase better tanks and upgrade them for better performance.

Enjoy realistic settings, use tactics and avoid the enemy fire in order to emerge victorious.
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Dragon Kong

Preparing to deal with enemies in Dragon Kong Dealing with enemies in Dragon Kong Peaches and bricks in Dragon Kong Save the Flower Fruit Mountain from the forces of evil in Dragon Kong!

Jump and navigate across varied levels and dangerous terrain to save his homeland.

Slay various enemies, consume peaches, and gather coins!
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Strike Galaxy Attack 2021

Taking out chickens in Strike Galaxy Attack 2021 Taking out enemies with a narrow yet powerful laser attack in Galaxy Attack 2021 Wide attack in Galaxy Attack 2021 Dive into the universe of Strike Galaxy Attack and battle against an alien race bent on taking the earth for themselves.

Defend the planet with an extremely powerful and futuristic space tech that uses lasers.

Brave the swarms of alien chickens and become an intergalactic hero.
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Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Fortress Defense - Ultimate Battle

Defending your castle in Fortress Defense Using spells wisely in Fortress Defense Upgrading troops in Fortress Defense Take aim and defend your castle against an army of invaders.

Upgrade your troops to get deal more damage and use different skills.

Use your spells correctly and turn the tide of the battle.
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maandag, september 13, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles

Attacking Enemy Base in LEGO Star Wars Battles LEGO Star Wars Battles - Epic Probe Droid Darth Vader Unleased in LEGO Star Wars Battles Collect, deploy and watch the famous characters from Star Wars™ duke it out on distant planets

Strategize and utilize a myriad of unique combinations of units to dominate the battlefield

Turn up the heat and unleash the powerful abilities to turn the tide of battle to your favor
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woensdag, september 8, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Arcade Fishing

Regular game mode in Arcade Fishing Getting a big prize in Arcade Fishing A big fish in Arcade Fishing Colorful and wonderful creatures of the deep await.

Hone your tracking and sharpen your aim to win prizes.

Have some jolly good fun via 4-way multiplayer.
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dinsdag, september 7, 2021

Super Arcade Football Has Now Kicked Off, Leaving Steam Early Access Today

Super Arcade Football Has Now Kicked Off, Leaving Steam Early Access Today OutOfTheBit’s 2D retro football game reintroduces players to classic experiences of yesteryear. Lees meer
zaterdag, september 4, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Cyber Drive

Cyber Drive gameplay Driving towards the destination Vehicle selection in the game Cruise your flying car through busy traffic and get to your destination in this captivating game that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Play through a variety of amazing levels.

Unlock new cars as you go along.
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dinsdag, augustus 31, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Tower Archer

Choosing a bow Tower Archer gameplay Boss fight in the game Defend the motherland by stopping enemies from invading it in this incredible action game that never ceases to impress.

Play through hundreds of captivating levels.

Unlock fire arrows as you keep progressing.
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zaterdag, augustus 28, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Super Stick Fight

Hero selection in the game Combat in Super Stick Fight Super Stick Fight gameplay Step into the multiverse and lead your hero to glory in this electrifying arcade-action game that impresses on every single front.

Play through hundreds of levels.

Enjoy PvP mode and unlock new heroes.
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woensdag, augustus 25, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Hell Let Loose

Iron sights and tank in Hell Let Loose A battlefield in Hell Let Loose Deployment in Hell Let Loose Step into the battlefields of World War 2 in Hell Let Loose and join large-scale 50v50 epic battles.

Play the role of a rifleman, medic, or engineer and help your team achieve victory.

Cooperate and communicate with other squads and unleash hell!
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dinsdag, augustus 24, 2021

Nieuwe Game Toegevoegd: Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side

Boss fight in Chicken Invaders Chicken Invaders gameplay Boosters in the game The chaotic chickens have invaded the earth for their revenge so take them all out in this enthralling action game.

Play through tons of action-packed levels.

Use amazing power-ups to cause absolute mayhem.
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