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Postagens mais Antigas Terça-feira, Abril 28, 2015

Novo Jogo Adicionado: UnitedGP

UnitedGP Action Car Management in UnitedGP UnitedGP Race Create your own Formula 1 team and dominate the world rankings.

Choose your race tactics and car settings to get the most in any race.

Build your own car parts and upgrade them as you advance in racing ranks.
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Segunda-feira, Abril 27, 2015

Tanki Online: The Battle for Supremacy

Battle for Supremacy in Tanki Online Wield the war machine of your choice and fight your way to the top through obliterating enemies in the field in this exhilarating Tank Driving Shooter game. Leia Mais
Quinta-feira, Abril 23, 2015

Amassing an Army of Tanks in World of Tanks

Blitzkrieg in World Of Tanks Blitz of tanks awaiting for a single command until all hell breaks loose on the ground. Leia Mais
Quarta-feira, Abril 22, 2015

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Fort Defense

Fort Defense Fortress Enemy Waves in Fort Defense Fort Defense Enemy Encounter Immerse on an epic pirate-styled tower defense game.

Amass the different defense units and upgrade them to outlast the battle.

Survive the waves of enemies closing in to your base and desolate their numbers.
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Segunda-feira, Abril 20, 2015

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Rescue Team 4

Rescue Team 4: A Glimpse of Disaster Base of Operations in Rescue Team 4 Rescue Team 4 Gas Shut-off Valve Set out on an epic mission to rescue the victims of a natural disaster.

Manage the operations of your response teams including a total of 9 different specialists.

Battle against nature and survive its arsenal of eight different catastrophes.
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Segunda-feira, Abril 20, 2015

What Game Are You?

What Game Are You? There is a new quiz that has been added to the amazing WWGDB and in it you can find out what game you are. Take the quiz today and see for yourself! Leia Mais
Domingo, Abril 19, 2015

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Undermaster

Undermaster Creatures to Tame Throne Room in Undermaster Undermaster Dorm Build a dungeon like no other to amass your army of monsters.

Lure in monsters in your dungeon and utilize them in your battles.

Compete against other players on the leader board.
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Domingo, Abril 19, 2015

Novo Jogo Adicionado: Cower Defense

Cower Defense Elixir Vats Defender Training Camps Cower Defense Cower Defense Troop Deployment Lead the resistance forces of cows and protect their world from chaos.

Amass the different facilities to train and upgrade your troops to perform in battle.

Expand your military base and fortify your army in order to advance in the game.
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Quinta-feira, Abril 16, 2015

Conquer the Battlefield and Dominate the World of Tanks

Brute Strength Prevails in the World of Tanks World of Tanks is a PVP-centric game where every participant is battling it out for supremacy over other players. Leia Mais
Quinta-feira, Abril 16, 2015

Novo Artigo Adicionado: Shooting Games on WWGDB

Shooting Games on WWGDB preview image There is a new website in town, and it has a huge range of games, including some of your favorite Shooters, so check out WWGDB today! Leia Mais
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